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Shared Office Space: Bringing Workers Together

The idea of the shared office space is new in some offices. It took off about 10 years ago, and with recent designs that make the shared space functional for offices of all sizes, it seems like it’s a trend that’s here to stay. Some have compared the shared workspace to the “bottega”, a workshop that came about during the Rennaisance in Florence, Italy. Workshops were used as a way to teach new methods of art so that artists could bring their own ideas to fruition while still working in the same environment.

Workshops were also an area where artists would gather together with architects and magicians. Everyone would give their ideas on how art should look, combining in a way that was expressive and pleasing to the eye. When everyone gathered together, they were able to see the world through the eyes of art. The only way to achieve the ideas was to be in the same work space at one time.

There are a few aspects that can be taken into today’s offices. Shared space gives employees of all departments an opportunity to give their ideas on projects and how the company is managed. It sparks dialogue. When ther are several people together in one space, someone will talk to another at some point. There are times when people don’t communicate through talking since many use email and text messaging. Various subjects can come together. Whether it’s art and science or business and math, multiple ideas can come together in a way that they likely wouldn’t if each department were kept separate.

Workville NYC is a shared office space located in the heart of the city. From large office spaces with an open view to tables and chairs set up in a small room, Workville NYC has a solution for offices of all sizes. Each environment that is created brings flexibility and a fun atmosphere to the business. Move-in ready offices are available as well as shared spaces. There are three terraces available for those who have a desire to be outdoors as well as an area to take private phone calls and hold meetings.