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Heal-And-Soothe Health Supplements Alleviates Inflammation from Joint Pain

Suffering from joint pain can ruin your quality of life and make everyday tasks much more difficult. Putting too many pain relievers into your body may also have a negative impact and harmful side effects upon you. Using a health supplement designed to target inflammation is a less aggressive approach to treating your joint pain without severely negative side effects. Heal-And-Soothe is an oral health supplement that has a systematic enzyme formula. It contains pain fighting ingredients from nature to reduce joint pain and inflammation in the joints of the body. The systematic enzyme formula has the right combination of ingredients to break down inflammation from leukotriennes and prostaglandins.


Health-And-Soothe is developed by Living Well Nutraceuticals. The health supplement is carefully crafted and tested by the National Enzyme Company. The product uses antioxidants and enzymes to fight free radicals that create inflammation and then pain within the body. Alleviating that inflammation first of all helps to reduce the later pain created by the inflammation in your joints. In this way Heal treats the cause before the effect can even happen. Cultures around the world observe this type of treatment to be the best for handling joint relief.


Ingredients within the Heal-n-Soothe health supplements include vitamin E, L-glutathione, serrazines, boswellia serrata resin extract, bromelain, citrus bioflavonoid complex, devil’s claw extract, ginger rhizome extract, L-glutathione, mojave yucca root, papain, rutin, and turmeric rhizome extract. Each of these ingredients are natural, so the supplement is a purely natural approach to managing your joint inflammation. The ingredients are each anti-inflammatory and are sometimes capable of handling inflammation causing pain more thoroughly than even some prescription pain medications can. Go To This Page for more information.


As with most health supplements, you should check with your doctor before you use it To make sure you are the right type of person for using the Heal-N-Soothe health supplement. You should discontinue use following any allergic reactions. The main and nearly only issue people have with using the product is typically allergic reactions to the ingredients.


Living well nutraceuticals sells the product on their website. Consumers receive a one-month supply for signing up for a SmartShip monthly subscription.


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Dr. David Samadi: Urology Expert and Celebrity Doctor

Dr. David Samadi is the leading expert and Chairman of Urology in Lenox Hill Hospital since June 2013. He also serves as the Chief of Robotic Surgery in Urology at the same hospital. Dr. Samadi is well-known for his procedures that involve minimally invasive treatments. This is why he also became the Chief of Minimally Invasive Surgery in the Department of Urology as well as Chief of the Division of Robotics in The Mount Sinai Hospital. Dr. David Samadi is a known oncologist specializing treatments in robotics and minimally invasive procedures for prostate cancer.

His years of expertise allowed him to be a board-certified urologist, a leader in men’s health and performs diagnosis and treatment of different types of urologic-related conditions such as kidney cancer, bladder cancer, and prostate cancer. Dr. Samadi also recommends therapy treatments that help eliminate incontinence, sexual dysfunction and overall health and wellness.

Latest Interview of Dr. David Samadi

Recently, the staff from Ideamensch has interviewed Dr. Samadi and his experiences as a urologist. In the interview, Dr. Samadi discussed his new procedure called SMART surgery. It stands for Samadi Modified Advanced Robotic Technique. The traditional approach would be named as nerve-sparing prostate surgery, which removes the nerves before the removal of the prostate. The typical side effects of the conventional method include incontinence and importance. This is why some men prefer to prolong their prostate removal which exacerbates the symptoms.

Through Dr. David Samadi’s approach, he aims to separate the prostate from the surrounding nerves through a microscopic precision device. This robotic-assisted technique is used to prevent damage to the nerves and the sphincter. He hopes that the technique would be able to help men who are anxious about the side effects of a prostate surgery. He also discusses the trends that he sees in the surgery industry and is looking forward to being a contributor and a researcher about developing the best practices.

Dr. David Samadi and Other Endeavors

Dr. David Samadi also hosts his own show on his website at Dr. Samadi TV. In his TV show, he discusses several health issues and trends that are relevant to the population.

He provides practical information, tips and other useful insights about health through preventative measures, finding the right consultations, and other medical-related procedures that bring awareness to the general public. Dr. Samadi goes on a weekly live stream every Sunday, at 12:30 PM, EST.

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Heal N Soothe Will Ease Your Pain

If you are suffering from pain in your bones and joints, you need to try Heal N Soothe to help relieve your pain. Heal N Soothe is an herbal supplement that helps people manage the pain from achy and rigid joints. It contains natural ingredients and pain fighters that will help you feel better.

This supplement contains proteolytic systemic enzymes and herbs that fight pain, inflammation and decrease scar tissue. The ingredients contain turmeric extract, bromelain extract, papain, Boswellia, rutin, Mojave yucca root, and ginger. There are additional pain fighters in this product that include devil’s claw and citrus bioflavonoids. All these ingredients have been tested in clinical trials and are associated with lessening pain and swelling. The ingredients turmeric and Boswellia are effective natural pain relievers and have been proven by placebo-controlled studies.

Since this supplement contains systematic enzymes, it targets pain throughout your body. The enzymes work in a way that gets rid of pain accurately and quickly. These enzymes assist your immune system with healing inflammation and reduce fibrin. They help bring red blood cells and oxygen to the painful areas of your body and produce healthy enzymes. You should take two capsules two times a day on an empty stomach to begin treatment. The dosage may be increased if symptoms are not improving. The pills should aid in easing your physical pain.

Heal N Soothe is an excellent supplement to use for getting rid of pain and protecting the joints in your body. It does not only defend against pain and inflammation but protects against additional illness. The enzymes protect the entire body. They increase the number of biochemicals in your body and not only heal painful areas but have added health benefits. These benefits are improved heart health, decreased cancer risk, and the reduction of memory loss occurrences. The healthy enzymes in Heal N Soothe also aid in healing sprains, strains, fractures, and joint pain. They do not have the side effects that aspirin has on your body and provides a more efficient method of pain relief.

A bottle of Heal N Soothe costs $49.95 for a 30-day supply and is an excellent option for dealing with joint pain and muscle injuries. The natural ingredients are good for your entire body and increase immune system strength. This is a natural alternative to aid in healing and protecting your health.

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Understanding Your Treatment Options With Cancer Treatment Centers Of America

There are a wide range of possible treatment options available to people whom have cancer in modern times. The common methods of treating cancer are: surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy with some additional newer methods which are targeted therapies which prevent a cancer cell from dividing, immunotherapy which uses the body’s immune system to fight cell division, and pulmonology which is used to treat symptoms and alleviate pain. Cancer Treatment Centers of America provides an integrative cancer treatment plan that is focused only on treating cancer. Patients whom arrive at the Cancer Treatment Center of America are also treated as family by all of the staff members.

Immunotherapy represents the future of cancer treatment, which is aimed at using the body’s own immune system to recognize cancer. Once immunotherapy recognizes a cancer, it targets the cancer for removal by the body’s own natural defenses. This is a huge departure from the traditional method of cancer treatment which relies on chemotherapy for destroying a large number of cancer cells. Precision cancer treatment is a tool which the treatment team has to identify specific cancer mutations. The aim is to be able to target the cancer treatment with a specific therapy that is designed to locate a specific tumor cell.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America helps patients discover other treatment options which they would not have seen as being possible. This is directly because of the integrative approach which Cancer Treatment Centers of America uses to treat their cancer patients. The aim is to allow cancer patients to have more control over their own cancer treatment process.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America is also focused on providing an integrative approach to cancer treatment. This includes naturopathy, acupuncture, nutrition, and chiropractic care. These additional treatments are designed to allow cancer patients to recover from surgery and chemotherapy faster. Care teams are able to help meet with patients and ensure that they are able to have access to a wider range of therapy that they wouldn’t normally have access to.

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Shervin Pishevar-One Man, Many Roles

Shervin Pishevar is a unique combination of an outstanding investor and researcher. His vision led to the formation of Hyperloop Technologies. Shervin Pishevar occupies the position of Executive Chairman at this firm, which he helped initiate. He also helped set up Sherpa Global and functions as Chief Executive Officer there. He has a vast array of experience at several companies. Mr. Peshevar has served in various capacities at Menlo Ventures since 2011. He has been the co-creator of many organizations such as Social Gaming Network Inc Seges Capital, Hotprints Limited, Webs Inc., Application Corporation and WebOS. His work at lonside Interactive was also significant where he had multiple responsibilities.

Shervin Pishevar graduated in interdisciplinary studies from the University of California. He is a keen learner and pursued further education in the form of Health Economics and Molecular Cellular Biology at the same institute in Berkeley. He has been a respected fellow at institutes such as the National Institutes of Health, M.D. Andersen Cancer Research Center and the University of California. He is also the distinguished member of several boards such as Machine Zone Inc., Blackjet Inc., Getaround Inc., and Social Programming Network, to name a few. Shervin Peshevar retains connections with several firms such as Medialets Inc., TaskRabbit Ic., Fotomoto Inc., Backupify Inc., Uber Tchnologies Inc., CarSavvy Inc. and Blackjet.

Shervin Pishevar has been the recipient of several accolades. These include the New York Times Advertising Design Award Finalist, Top Five Web Applications, 2002 Top 100 Technology Award. He also has the rare distinction of being selected for the Outstanding American by Choice by the United States administration. Recently, he received the Ellis Island Medal of Honour. He is part of the Global Entrepreneurs Council of the United Nations.

Shervin Pishevar has featured on television for his expert opinions. The Fox News and CNBC networks have interviewed him on various internet issues in the past. He has co-published a paper in the Journal of American Medical Association, which is one of the foremost medical research journals. He has also contributed to the field of malaria research. Shervin Pishevar’s exemplary work over the years has established him as a leading investor and advisor.

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A Guide To Dr. Mark Mckenna

There are hundreds of doctors across this nation and there are thousands of doctors on a worldwide scale. One of the most progressive thinking doctors in the Southeast is Mark McKenna, and has he has provided a wide range of products and services to the general public. Dr. Mark McKenna is a man on a mission, and that mission is to help other people. In other words, he is the “people’s champ” in a sense, especially in the cities of Atlanta and New Orleans. The Crescent City of New Orleans just so happens to be his hometown, and he has certainly served it with respect.

After Hurricane Katrina’s wrath in 2005, Dr. Mark McKenna went straight to work on rebuilding this great city. He played an instrumental role in redevelopment process of things by providing plenty of low-to-moderate income housing. This blessing was heaven-sent to the many inhabitants of the area. Dr. Mark McKenna also lost a lot during this trying-time, but he kept on pushing forward. This is exactly how he’s handled certain situations and this is how he conducts himself on a regular basis. Thanks to his strong passion for health, this guy relocated to Atlanta, Georgia, and opened his next venture. This venture was known as ShapeMed, and it was one of the top wellness & aesthetic medical practices in the city. This team of professionals offered a variety of services such as Botox, Restylane, Juvederm and a host of weight-loss solutions. ShapeMed did so well to where it was certified “Black Diamond.”

It would be extremely hard if you found another person with this much clout as well as this much ability. Dr. Mark McKenna is simply on another level, especially when being compared to his counterparts. All in all, this is a guide to an amazing individual, but this only scratches the surface.

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Preparing for Any LifeLine Screening is Simple: Here’s How

How to Prepare For a Lifeline Screening

There are various preparation methods depending on the particular screening in question. Some more involved than others. Please see below for a basic outline of the preparatory measures for different screenings.

What to Wear

For the most part, you can simply wear comfortable, loose-fitting everyday clothing for the procedures. There are a few exceptions to keep in mind, listed here.

Carotid Artery Disease
Shirt must be open-collar, short-sleeved

Atrial fibrillation:

Do not wear a watch or lotions, oils or pantyhose (keep cell phone off as well)

Ankle-brachial Index:

Wear a short sleeve shirt or blouse, and do not wear pantyhose.

Bone Mineral Density Test:

Do not wear pantyhose
6 for Life Package
Short-sleeved shirt recommended, but can also wear shirt with sleeves that roll easily to accommodate a blood pressure cuff.

Testing With Additional Criteria

While most screenings do not require any additional measures, there are others that require some steps to be taken by the patient beforehand. These exceptions and their criteria are listed below. For more info about us: click here.
Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm:

Fast for 4 hours prior to screening, eating only a light meal before that. Do take medication if necessary.

Complete Lipid Panel:

Fast for 8 hours beforehand


Fast for 8 hours prior to screening

6 for Life Package:

Fasting for 8 hours recommended for optimal results

All other testing requires no additional preparation–other than the possible wardrobe requirements listed.

What to Expect and Benefits

You can expect courteous, welcoming service and a friendly, warm environment in which you will feel at ease. The professionally trained staff will be at your side throughout every step of process, and always ready to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

LifeLine screenings are highly useful; most results come back normal, but potential problems can be identified early thanks to the testing, allowing medical professionals to determine the right course of action for you.

The Doctor You Want

In the cosmetic plastic surgery world Dr. Jennifer Walden truly stands out. She is one of only a few hundred women in a male dominated industry, and of the those women she is one of only 180 who are also members of the American Society Of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.

Dr. Jennifer Walden was salutatorian of her class at the University Of Texas Medical Branch, and completed an aesthetic surgery fellowship at The Manhattan Eye, Ear, and Throat Hospital. When she returned home to Austin, Texas she opened her second successful practice to be closer to her family for her two twin boys.

Her practice specializes in aesthetic facial surgery, breast augmentations, facial procedures, aesthetic breast surgery, lifts, and much more. She is Board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, and works hard to ensure you have the most satisfied experience you possibly can.

Most augmentations are on women, and of those most are aimed to fix some aspect of themselves they wish to change. Dr Jennifer Walden Reviews aims to give women the self confidence they want and deserve. She has undergone things as well such as Botox and a procedure for laugh lines. She is not ashamed to admit that she would also like to have a diastasis repair for her abdominal muscles. She truly cares for her patients because she can understand them better then most.

Her person achievements as well as her professional accomplishments makes her an exceptionally rare doctor in her field. Her compassion and care towards her patients can only be matched by her dedication to them.

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USHEALTH Advisors Group – Valued Insurance Company

USHEALTH Group is based in Fort Worth, Texas. They are dedicated to providing a variety of insurance options for self-employed individuals, families, small business owners and their staff. The types of insurance include Specified Disease/Sickness, life, accidental insurance and much more. Throughout the years of business, USHEALTH Group is responsible for serving more than 15 million customers with specific needs that can be catered to each business.


They offer specific written plans that are aimed towards customer who have a limited budget or are concerned about high deductibles that would have to be met before insurance would take effect. Customer choice is a highly valued quality at USHEALTH Group, and their advisors can help assist you when making an educated decision on the best type of coverage policy for yourself or your family. They adhere to flexibility and a wide array of options that should be considered when choosing coverage. Customers who have the option to spend a little bit more money, and design a plan that is tailored to their coverage needs have the ability to choose which provider, network and coverage is best for them. Not only are their solutions affordable, but they are flexible to include Critical Illness, Accident and Short Term Accident Disability Income, which comes with many more options to choose from.


The USHEALTH Advisors understand how complex insurance guidelines have become. They complete a rigorous training session and have years of dedicated experience to helping meet the customer’s needs. They are personally attentive to each customer and take special note in developing a plan that is catered to each line of business, individual or family. USHEALTH Group works under two fundamental values of conduct. They understand and value that each case and individual is unique yet they also understand that a “one size fits all” approach is not always the answer they’re looking for. In reality, each case is generally different, allowing the advisors to focus on the client in a different way than most insurance company’s do. They have been named in the Top 50 North American Call Center’s in 2013 and are proud to hold their A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.

Affordable Insurance Coverage with USHEALTH Group Inc



USHEALTH GROUP Inc is an American insurance company that provides different insurance plans for specific ailments, life, accidents, and disabilities among others. The company has been in action for over 50 years, and provides insurance solutions to the self-employed persons, start up businesses, and families. The USHEALTH Group with its other affiliate companies, gives its clients top priority when it comes to insurance coverage. USHEALTH Group Company has upgraded its services to provide high quality services; whereby it is able to provide to its customers affordable plan/portfolio. The portfolio offers first dollar services and discounts. It, therefore, mean if a client falls into a tight budget brackets, he or she, is then entitled to the portfolio and his/her health is taken care of.


The unparalleled services at the USHEALTH Group Company has enabled its elevation to the top. On recognizing this, the prestigious One Planet Award organization awarded the company with the honors of company of the year in categories of, accounting, financial, and insurance. Since its launch, the USHEALTH Group Company has managed to rise high in the competitive individual health insurance market. This was due to its extraordinary success growth and profitability it experienced as a result of marketing its insurance products.


USHEALTH Group LinkedIn.


USHEALTH Group is a licensed facility and is always on a mission to satisfy its clients. The company’s primary purpose is to instill hope in people by providing affordable insurance services, thus creating a positive difference in their lives. The company has termed it portfolios as affordable and reliable, whereby they can provide patients with everyday medical expenses and even more serious medical events.


Customers can enhance their protection with the full line of availed products at the USHEALTH Group Company. Such products are; critical illness, diseases, dental/vision plans, and income protector among others. Customers highly rank USHEALTH Group for its high tech deliveries. It has maintained its relationship with its clients for a long time, thus the company can be considered dependable and loyal.