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Avi Weisfogel’s Focus on Sleep Disorders.

Dr. Avi Weisfogel is a top New Jersey-based dentist. He is also an entrepreneur and has established medical-based companies such Dental Sleep Masters and Healthy Heart Sleep. Avi has been conducting research on sleep disorders for more than 15 years. He currently runs a dental hospital that is known as Old Bridge Dental Care. The facility was founded in 1999, and he has been using to offer excellent services to the people of New Jersey and the rest of the country. Weisfogel has won awards for being the best dentist in the region. He is highly skilled in the field and has been conducting complex dental procedures that cannot be done by other dentists.


During his practice, Avi noticed that some of the patients that he treated were affected by sleep disorders. He then became interested in learning more about the conditions since very few medical professionals were informed about it. The dentist founded Healthy Hearth Sleep, and he has used the company in setting up several sleep labs across the country. He works with other medical professionals to ensure that Healthy Hearth Sleep finds the best cures for sleep disorders.


Avi Weisfogel later established Unlimited Sleep Patient. The firm has been lecturing dentist on how they can handle patients who suffer from sleep conditions. In 2014, Avi launched Dental Sleep Masters. The organization is devoted to discovering how various oral appliances can be used in curing different types of sleep problems. It has also been striving to develop excellent therapies that medical physicians can use in treating sleep patients. Various mechanical treatments for the disorder have been formulated in the past, but they have failed to be effective. The FDA has approved the remedies that have been created by DSM.


Avi is an alumnus of the Rutgers University where he got his BA in biology and phycology. He was awarded his DDS from New York University. Weisfogel donates towards activities that are beneficial to the society. He currently works with a nonprofit organization that is known as Operation Smile to offer healthcare to disadvantaged children across the world. It has conducted over 250,000 surgeries to correct oral disorders in juveniles across the globe.


Let’s Have Dinner at The Copa Star….Hospital!

Yes, the best five star restaurant in town is in a hospital, the Copa Star. Operated by the D’Or network of hospitals, the Copa Star is the brainchild of Jorge Moll, the director of D’Or. It is very much unlike other hospitals. It’s not only the fact that the restaurant was designed by and world-renowned chef and offers gourmet meals. It’s the fact that when you enter the lobby, you are faced with stylish, plush sofas and a grand piano. There is artwork by Japan’s Yakuta Toyota throughout the hospital.

Luxury is the key word for Copa Star. Located on Copacabana beach at Rua Figueiredo de Magalhães, it is a five-story luxury hospital that caters to one and all, and is laden with luxurious accommodations.

The patient rooms are not just sterile hospital rooms. They are suites with accommodations for guests. The patient can operate and control the drapes, the temperature, the lighting, and many other aspects of the room from the bed with the use of an electronic tablet.

On that same tablet, the patient can talk with the staff, the nurses, and even video conference with the doctor. The doctor can, in turn, display the patient’s latest test results and converse with the patient though the tablet. This is quite a change from waiting for the doctor to visit.

There are 155 patient suites and 59 intensive care units. In intensive care, the patients are given a video portal to the outside world that they can control. They can view live scenes at the beach, in the corridors of the hospital, and on the street if they prefer. This is done so that the isolation of ICU is given a back seat to the patient’s desire not to be alone.

There are nine state of the art operating rooms with high tech robotic aids, MRI’s in the same room for ease of viewing the progress of the operation, and many other amenities for the doctor as well as the patient.

In building the hospital, a new method of construction was achieved due to the very small space for the large construction machinery. They developed a new standard in concrete construction that allows a fifty per cent savings in energy expenses compared to other buildings of the type.

Copa Star is just the beginning, says Jorge Moll. Rede D’Or plans to open similar hospitals in Sao Paulo and Brasilia as well. They already operate a number of hospitals in Brazil. But, alas, there is only one Copa Star to visit for now.

Eventually, Copa Star will concentrate on cardiology and neurology, but will still accept patients of all types — and those who just want a good meal at the five star restaurant.

Shortage of Medicines Cause Concern in Venezuela

It is no secret that the people of Venezuela are struggling says Danilo Diaz Granados, but now things have gotten even worse. There are already shortages on food and water. That is not the only concern. There are shortages of medication as well. Official sources have reported that over 872 medicines are unavailable.

The medicines that are available are now sold at a surcharge. Medicine that once cost $48 is now sold for $100 or more. In a nation that struggles to afford the essentials, this marks a daunting turn for many.

Patients who are suffering are unable to get access to medication that can help save their lives. According to Diaz Granados, it is not simple flu medication that many are missing. Stroke patients report being unable to get medicine that they need. It is not on the market at all. This means that no matter how much money you make, medicines aren’t available.

It is unclear what will happen next in the Venezuelan crisis. You can continue to follow the story here.


Puppy Playtime Is Not Just For Fun

Fetch. Running. Catch. Tug of War. Exercise and play is important for a healthy, happy pup. From games such as tug of war and catch to the more intricate games of agility and obedience, all play a role in training and keeping their heart and mind healthy. Experts say playing for dogs is an excellent way to relieve stress, get a mental break and of course the best way to keep them physically healthy. A healthy, well exercised dog is much less likely to have destructive habits such as chewing furniture, clawing windows and doors and marking.

For your average dog, a game of catch and a few laps around the block or a walk in the park are the perfect amount of exercise needed daily, some dogs require more or less due to breed, age, and health conditions. Never push your dog past what they can do, physically. Dogs with higher energy levels should exercise more than average, and for especially smart dogs games that encourage thinking and search skills are recommended. Agility training and obedience training are good examples of how to exercise your high energy pup, as well build a stronger bond. There are many trainers and companies that can assist you in the how-to’s and the equipment needed, but you can also train your pup yourself from home with a little research and some patience.

Rainy day playtime can be challenging, but there are some surprisingly simple solutions involving household items to build an obstacle course, or hoop jumping, or a game of hide and seek. A chair can be used to hop on, crawl under or stand on. A simple course can be constructed of hula hoop for your pup to jump through, a box with both ends open provide a tunnel to crawl through, a basket with toys that they can pick up and return into the basket for a treat. Use your imagination and your pups abilities and tricks she enjoys to create a fun course, encourage her to go faster, be more precise and praise her lots for her accomplishments. These activities are fun, and will keep both you and your furry friend busy for hours. A commercial for Beneful dog food has created a working Goldberg machine, using many examples of tricks, course ideas and items you can use, as well as a ton of amazing dogs doing what they do best.

Exercise and proper nutrition will keep your pup healthy and happy well into his senior years. A simple 15-minute workout, jog around the block or tossing the ball a few times and a well balanced diet of real meat and vitamins such Beneful Playful Life food will ensure years of love and companionship for you both. Pets and owners who play together stay together.

Science Discovers a Real-Life Fountain of Youth (Maybe)

The aging process has tried to be defied since the beginning of humankind. Today, there are more “anti-aging” products on the shelves than ever before. But the problem with all of the anti-aging technology is, it only covers up the aging process at best.

Science is on the edge of a break through for age stopping technology, that actually works. Researchers have been working hard, seemingly with much success, at breathing new life into cells by eliminating cells that have stopped dividing so new, replicating cells can take their place. If this process works, it would effectively end the aging process and allow a person to live indefinitely. Of course, this person would still be susceptible to death from other causes, but old age would never be one of them.

Lead researcher Crystal Hunt suggested the chances of developing this fountain are as high as 80%. However, these are grandiose claims and realistically, this technology as yet to be successful, even in mice. Only time will tell if this path to timelessness is on our horizon.

Qnet: Becoming a Global Leader

Qnet, established in 1998 by Vijay Eswaran, is a leader in the online business and shopping community. Qnet is based in Hong Kong but has office locations worldwide. Qnet, also formally known as GoldQuest, Qi Limited, and QuestNet, is one of the main subsidiaries of Qi Group, also run by Eswaran. Qnet is one of Asia’s top companies for direct selling.

Qnet models a multilevel marketing strategy, allowing independent agents to receive commission based on their volume of sales as well as those working under them. The company began as GoldQuest, which created custom ordered collectible coins. In 2002 the company then began helping customers book holidays, vacations, and travel arrangements in order to diversify their products. In 2006, Qnet began selling health products as well as Bernhard H. Mayer watches. Today Qnet sells a variety of products such as luxury goods, nutritional goods, weight management items, personal care items, home care goods, energy supplements, and fashionable accessories. Qnet has reported that their sales have increased by 70% over the last 5 years.

E-commerce has allowed Qnet to expand globally. Today Qnet has offices in over 100 countries which include Indonesia, Vietnam, Turkey, Egypt, Thailand, Taiwan, Philippines, and the United Arab Emirates. Qnet focuses both on their customers, the service they are getting, and the happiness of their employees. Qnet has some of the happiest and successful employees due to the fact that Qnet helps them to actively change their quality of life for the better. Employees are offered a compensation plan, network marketing opportunities, as well as lifestyle products that help add value to their everyday lives.

Not only is Qnet a successful company, but they also have philanthropic interests. The company started a charity called Raise Yourself To Help Mankind (RYTHM). RYTHM supports charities around the world by putting on fund-raising events and making donations. RYTHM’s goal is to bring people together to work stronger as a group to change the world for the better, one step at a time.

Scientists Turn Human History on its Head by Using Mosquitoes to Cure Disease

Scientists are genetically modifying mosquitoes to use them to stop the spread of disease. Mosquitoes have been a plague of mankind for as long as there has been a mankind, carrying and spreading disease among people. They are being specifically engineered so that when a female mosquito in the wild mates with one of these genetically modified males it will not be able to produce offspring. This is intended to prevent the spread of diseases such as dengue and chikungunya by literally preventing the spread of the mosquitoes. Though they are planned for release in the Florida Keys, a breakthrough such as this would have even wider application in the developing world where mosquito born illness is a far larger problem.

Predictably, there are those who fear the effects of releasing a genetically modified organism into the wild. They are concerned about the long term consequences of such an action. The concern may be legitimate, according to, but science has generally been a powerful force for good in our lives. First, medical science gave us vaccines to fight off diseases, and now genetic scientists and philantropists like Sergio Lins Andrade, are trying to keep those diseases from being transmitted to us in the first place. News such as this makes one glad to be living in an age where we have lifted so much of the veil of ignorance and fear from humanity that covered 99 percent of our history. Using the stereotypical carrier and spreader of disease to fight disease has to be one of the good news stories of the past millennium.

Humans Glow in the Dark: Too Bad We Can’t See It

New research from Kobayashi and colleagues shows that humans not only emit light, but it pulsates to a rhythmic beat depending on our fluctuating metabolism and body temperature. It seems that the same forces that generate body heat also emit light; unfortunately, it’s 1000 times too weak to see with the naked eye- BUT it’s been successfully captured on a special kind of camera called a CCD system.

Subjects were taken into a completely dark room and stripped from the waist up while the camera captured them for 23 and a half hours. It turns out that the glow wasn’t uniform either, people’s faces tended to glow the brightest, especially the lips and cheeks. It also varied in brightness over the course of the day, being kind of dim in the early morning, brightening up throughout the day to peek in the afternoon, and then dimming off again. This is about the same way that the body temperature works too, so the photon emission that produces the light is super similar to the heat emission.

Isn’t it interesting to speculate that out there, in the world, exist species finely tuned to see those types of things? That there are insects that go through life constantly fleeing glowing giants? How terrifying we must be!

Thank you to my good friend Lee Lovett for sharing this story with me.

Mark Ahn Explains Key Elements to Biotechnology Startup Success

Mark Ahn Explains Key Elements to Biotechnology Startup Success

As originally reported in this article from TheStreet, the well educated and informed biotechnology industry expert Mark Ahn explains the factors distinguishing success and failure in the changing world of biotechnology startups. He discusses the popularity of Biotech companies and the messages they offer such as curing horrible illnesses and offering solutions to other medical problems or conditions. He says that most investors are interested in finding well established firms and finds the industry is filled with companies offering great ideas but not always been able to provide the stability and follow through required of biotechnology firms.
Most biotechnology firms become successful by being resilient despite the long development cycles and he suggests following a business plan despite the urge to follow the emerging trends in the competitive biotechnology industry. The winds of change will blow but the main factors setting apart the successful firms and the unsuccessful firms seems to rely on the ability to remain consistent in a industry dominated by change. This is also an important factors to consider for investors wanting to find the right biotechnology company. Investing in the newest company isn’t always the most profitable decisions for wise investors aware of the fleeting success often gained by new firms. He recommends looking to the older and more established biotechnology companies in terms of making sounds and financially secure investments. 

Mark Ahn’s article on TheStreet

Can Ebola be Treated with Vitamin C?

There have been several cases of the deadly Ebola virus that were successfully treated using modern medicine. There were also cases that were not so successful. As reported in a Washington Post, Dr. Martin Salia was not one of the successful cases. Dr Salia contracted the virus in Sierra Leone and did not survive modern medical attempts to save his life.

Could Dr. Salia’s life been saved if he had been treated with something as simple and common as vitamin C? There are several well-respected doctors and nutritionists like Bernardo Chua who believe so.

According to Steve Hickey, PhD, Hilary Roberts, PhD and Damien Downing, MBBS, MSB, eradicating infectious diseases such as Ebola is as simple as administering high doses of vitamin C as outlined in their article entitled Can Vitamin C Cure Ebola?. Not only can vitamin C treat Ebola, but also it purportedly successfully treats other well-known diseases including AIDS and Polio. The trick to the treatment, however, is taking sustained high doses until the disease is eradicated.

Even if you don’t believe that vitamin C can cure a case of Ebola, it wouldn’t hurt to increase your vitamin C intake if you are in a high-risk area.