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Is Nicotine Really That Bad for Us?

Kicking the smoking habit is difficult, but well worth the effort in the health benefits an ex-smoker will reap. Sam Tabar even suggests that the carcinogen-filled smoke which is inhaled into the smokers lungs with every puff is without a doubt the ‘bad’ part of smoking. Damage to the lung, esophagus, voice box and everything else associated with the respiratory system is damaged each time the cigarette smoke is inhaled and exhaled.

But what about the nicotine, is it really that bad for us? Many people are able to kick the smoking habit with the aid of gum or patches that contain nicotine. Years after kicking the habit, however, some ex-smokers are still chewing the nicotine-laced gum. Has that become a habit, or is it the ex-smokers new addiction?

Some will argue that nicotine is not bad for us, some argue that it’s not addictive, still others will argue that nicotine has positive benefits. Without argument the former smoker is much better off not lighting up and inhaling carcinogens several times throughout the day, but is it possible that nicotine is actually good for us?

Can nicotine help keep the brain stimulated and ward off age-related brains disorders, such as Alzheimer’s? It’s possible and the research is being done to prove or disprove the theory.