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Securus Technologies Unlocks the Criminal Justice Ambiguities

Prisons and correctional facilities consist of persons of varied nature. Some of whom may be willing to change their wayward ways that lead to their subsequent confinement while others may want to prove their hardcore aspect by committing more crimes. Securus technology provides a powerful inmate technology that helps better manage the correctional facilities including assurance of public safety by curbing inmate on inmate crimes. These one-of-a-kind services appreciative by all stakeholders involved inmates, their friends and families and the management itself.


Securus Technologies has a heavy presence in correctional facilities in the United States enjoying lucrative contracts with the counties, states, and correctional facilities. This somewhat explains the proven performance and efficacy of their technological products they provide. Richard “Rick” Smith, the CEO periodically receives reviews about the services of Securus Technologies from their customers who ordinarily are prisons, jails, and correctional centers.


Richard Smith says that their services have been able to aid the investigation. Criminals who have been captured and arrested from their calls and voice records that have pointed out to associated persons to inmates. It has also helped bring justice, improved the management and monitoring capabilities and track down illegal activities such as drug trafficking, alcohol abuse, threats, homicide, sexual relations among others. Securus Technologies has brought the environment within and around correctional centers a safe hub and helped enforce the law.


About Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies is an inmate telecommunications service provider in North America based in Dallas, Texas, United States. Its technological services have been applied overwhelmingly in over 2600 correctional facilities making the company expand horizontally and launch three subsidiary offices in Carrollton, Allen and Atlanta, Georgia.


Richard Smith is the Chief Executive Officer since 2008 and has progressively moved the company a notch higher through technological innovations and engaging in contractual obligations for the company. In his tenure, Securus Technologies has merged, acquired other companies including T-Netix and Evercom and invented the restriction to contraband cell Phones.


Securus Technologies – Bringing New Age Correctional Technology to Life

Securus Technologies is one of the leading firms in the correctional industry that has been offering its innovative and advanced inmate communication services since 1986. The company also offers advanced investigative technology and services. The primary aim of the company is to ensure that it reaches out to as many inmates as possible across the country.


As of now, the company is operating in 44 states of the United States and plans to branch out soon to newer territories in the time to come. Securus Technologies is a firm believer in the fact that technology is what would help bridge the communication gap between the prisoners and their families.


Over the years, so many families have disintegrated because one of the members got incarcerated. The prices of inmate communication services offered by other major companies in the sector are way too high, but Securus Technologies ensures that the costs are kept moderate. It ensures that the inmates who are already going through a crisis are helped.


The inmate communication services offered by Securus Technologies, such as video services, phone services, calling cards, kiosks, money transfer services, voice messaging system, email messaging, and more, has helped the inmates to stay in contact with their loved ones outside the prison without any problems. As per the surveys and reports, the inmate communication services are imperative for the prisoners to stay calm as it helps in reducing stress as well.


The law enforcement officers also appreciate the latest technology the company has integrated into its broad range of investigative products and services. The company has ensured that the products and services offered are economical, efficient, and tried and tested. The investigative solutions and services provided by Securus Technologies safeguard the lives of the law enforcement personnel and also make it difficult for the criminals to get away with doing crimes.


How We Used Securus Technologies to Find Criminals

When my team is on the hunt for a fugitive, we rely on many people to help get the suspect into custody. The more help from the public, the safer we can make the entire community. When we were told that a fugitive was in the area and he was armed and dangerous, we had to act fast. The trouble we had out of the gate with this case was the suspect had a huge network of family and friends who were hiding him from the police. Each time I reached out to his family, we were turned away.


Having no luck with his family and knowing the general public was terrified to turn him in for fear of retribution, we decided we only had one resource we could use. On our visit to the local jail, we wanted to learn all we could about the new inmate phone call monitoring system the corrections officers were using. Securus Technologies installed the system, and promised their technology is helping to make this world safer for all. Having been installed in well over two thousand prisons already, we knew this resource could help us close the gap on our fugitive.


Within hours of using the LBS software to try and uncover information about the suspect, we discovered a very unique call from an inmate who was recently arrested for burglary. He was complaining on the call that he didn’t care who was listening, and he was tired of being treated like a caged animal. He went on to say that he wanted that suspect arrested because he was the reason for his time in jail. He spilled his guts on the call about a distant cousin who had a huge property on the edge of town used for hiding fugitives. Hours later we picked up the suspect without any trouble thanks to that phone call.

Rick Smith, the Communications Executive Making Major, Changes in Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies CEO, Rick Smith, was appointed to serve the communications company for correctional facilities in 2008.He has successfully led the company towards positive change and increased the firm’s profits exponentially. During his tenure, Rick has managed to offer diverse departmental leadership based on his experiences in operations management.

Rick is based in Dallas, TX. He holds an MA from Rochester and an additional Master’s degree in engineering from New York University. Rick Smith started his career at Global Crossing in 1972. He served as the CIO as well as the financial controller for 16 years and left to pursue other interests. His next appointment was at Frontier Information Technologies, where he served as a senior officer and eventually as President. Rick later served as vice president at Midwest Telephone Operations. After a few years at Midwest, he moved to Eschelon Telecom Inc., as its COO as well as President from 2000-2003. Rick was also a board member at Eschelon. Presently Rick serves as Securus Technologies CEO and at Integra Telecom Ltd’s as a member of the board. Read more on

Rick’s involvement in Prisons Communications Industry

Smith has managed to streamline inmate communications in a challenging industry. Securus offers inmates affordable telephone charges and still manages to earn decent profits. They also make great effort to improve their technologies to suit modern phone solutions and ensuring safety for the correctional facilities and the inmates.

Rick Smith has succeeded in maintaining Securus in line with changes in IT and continually develops inmate communication services. Key among the changes that Rick also initiated in Securus is services like video calls, which was greatly lauded by the inmates.

Securus announced mid last year that it had already spent more than $600 million in technologies, patents, and acquisitions in the previous three years. The company also invested in 105,000 safe communication equipment for use in secure prison communications and essential security services. Furthermore, it installed approximately 85,000 telephones, highly developed tablets, lobby stores, video room spaces, and so much more.

Rick Smith confirmed that his company has plans to further increase telecommunication equipment from the current figures to 150,000. Families can now communicate via a video mode similar to Skype. The video interactions enable personal communications with inmates such as thanks, giving, Christmas, anniversaries, and birthdays.

This initiative makes the imprisonment experience more tolerable for both convicts and their families. Due to the significant developments under Rick’s management, Securus has considerably expanded and is currently leading in the telecommunications industry. The company serves nearly 2000 Prison facilities in the U.S. Read more on

Rick Smith effortlessly doubles up as an efficient administrator and an executive at Securus Technologies. He prioritizes his time well and is committed to giving 100% to serve the company.

Securus Technologies Has Earned A Good Reputation

When I ask any jail or prison official about the most reliable inmate phone service provider, they always mention Securus Technologies before any other name. I always wondered why this was the case.


This was when I came to know that Securus Technologies receives thousands of letters as well as emails on a continuous basis. Most of these are appreciating the kind of work that Securus Technologies is doing for the correction facilities. But many are not aware that Securus Technologies is mainly focused on security. They wish to ensure that the prison facilities are safe for the inmates. In fact, they go to any extent to ensure that. Rather, this way they are making the community a much safer place.


People just look at what is visible. But they do not see what is happening behind the scenes. Now Securus Technologies has a highly evolved back end area where all these inmates’ calls are recorded and monitored. This way they are able to help the jail and prison officials in a big way.


After all, the job of the jail authorities is to solve criminal cases. Besides, they have to ensure that the correctional facilities are safe. In order to do so, they need all the help that they possibly can.


I have read instances where these calls have given information about some shooting that happened in the past. This helped the authorities to know who the real culprits were and helped to nab them.


Not only this; the call records help to stop any illegal activity from taking place. Hence any information about drug dealings, or drugs entering the facility, or any threats or any other such activity reach the jail authorities soon enough. Hence Securus Technologies has been able to help the authorities in a number of ways.

Big Data Analytical Tool at Securus Makes Big Advances in Inmate Communication

Securus Technologies has been the leading provider in criminal justice technologies and inmate communication since it was founded in 1986. The Dallas based technology company provides jails and correctional facilities with a number of important equipment and software with a focus on public safety, investigation, corrections and monitoring. Securus offers video service to correctional facilities as well. Visitation is made easier and more comfortable with Securus’ video visitation features. If you have a loved one that is incarcerated then you know how difficult and uncomfortable it is to visit your loved one every visitation period. Between dealing with the long lines and sometimes the long drive, it is just much better to talk to them in the comfort of your own home. Serving a staggering number of inmates in America, over 1.2 million, and 3,450 public safety, law enforcement and correctional facilities, Securus is committed to keeping people safe and keeping families connected.

Securus has just recently released THREADS 3.1. THREADS is the most advanced “Big Data” analytical tool in the US corrections market today. With the upgrade to 3.1, it is more user friendly as it had been redesigned to the latest web-based interface technologies. This makes it easier to use and enhances the performance of the system. It has been upgraded from Silverlight to HTML 5. This makes for direct integration with all other Securus products. Other upgrades allows users to listen to inmate phone calls, guided real-time analysis, customized mapping and printing, and context sensitive reports. The best part of the upgrade is that the existing customers are upgraded for free and has great reviews. See the product reviews here: