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Evolving AI Visual Search From Slyce

I’m thrilled about the new way I’ve been doing online shopping. I’m really excited about online shopping, so I’m always wasting a lot of time doing searches on search engines to find what I want to purchase online. I’m not going to be wasting time anymore. I now have this new technology at my fingertips called visual search technology. It’s a great leap in technological development that I am proud to share my experience of using. This technology is available on all smart phones and devices. It’s easy to use, and I found a great article that anyone new to this technology should read.

The article that I found is from MIT Technology Review’s website, so you know it is a credible source of information. I like how the article goes over different perspectives of what the top companies are doing with this new technology to bring consumers closer to their end goal of finding their product with ease. It really is a lot easier to use visual search technology. I prefer it over fumbling with my smart phone’s keypad to type in something that may or may not bring back my desired search results. Google and Pinterest are among some of the larger companies that are experimenting with visual search technology.

Visual Search Technology From The Pros

When you want a good product you go to a specialist, someone who specializes in the field you are interested in purchasing from. I found this application for visual search technology that is offered by Slyce. Slyce was originally a company that dealt only in visual search technology. They coupled their visual search knowledge and systems with online shopping to create Slyce. Slyce is the most advanced and user friendly software for finding products through visual search.

It amazes me what Slyce is capable of doing with one simple picture on my phone. The software does a great job at matching the item that you take a picture of with the best products offered by retailers. They have been working closely with major retailers, like Home Depot and Tilly’s, to offer discounts to users based on what the store has to offer. They are providing so much value to their users. It’s unbelievable what a great service they offer to consumers.

The Advantage of Image Recognition

Product recognition comes with all sorts of benefits that can help you out during your daily routine. It doesn’t matter if you are just interested in where to buy something or just curious as to what kind of shirt someone wore in that new movie, there is a way to identify all of that, all without crunching your brain to figure out the allocated keywords best suited to match your search up with Google. So what is image recognition and how can it make your life easier? Here are a few reasons why you need to check it out and what all it is able to do for you.

So What Exactly Is Image Recognition?

Search engines have come a long way saints the early days, but for the most part, it is still just you typing in words into a blank bar at the top of a computer screen. Sure, the searches are better and more sophisticated, but for the most part, the method is the same. With image recognition, it completely blows the lid right off of Internet search and gives you a brand new tool to find what you are looking for. Instead of just typing in random words and crossing your fingers for a desirable responds, you upload an image into the search engine and the engine then cross references it with every other product image it has previously scanned and cataloged. This way, it can give you results better than any kind of long tail keyword ever could.

Why Do You Want it?

Alright, so it is a new kind of search feature. Why in the world should you actually be excited about it? Other than being bumped that an image recognition company called Slyce is designing it, image recognition is going to make your online browsing life easier than you ever though possible. Gone are the days of struggling to describe that killer pair of pumps you saw someone wearing. Now, all you need is that image you snapped with your smart phone in order to share with your friends. You just upload it and there you go. You instantly know where it is from, how to buy it and even similar products, if you don’t want to completely copy the style of someone but would rather one up them and go with something cooler and better.

Just remember, image recognition is the way of the future, and it is time for you to hop on.

The Uniqueness of Visual Effects in Superhero Films

The superhero movie craze is fueled in large part to the believability of the events depicted on the silver screen. Good screenplays and solid acting do help make very fantastic characters come to life in a believable manner. Let us all be honest for a minute though, these films would be a lot less appreciated without the presence of strong, credible, realistic visual effects. To a great extent, superhero films are a wing of the science-fiction/fantasy genre. This is thanks in large part to the outstanding special effects and art direction found in the movies.

Without amazing special effects, superhero films become oddball potboilers. Old movie serials featuring superheroes generally presented them as rough-and-tumble masked detectives. Where they really any different from detectives who did not wear a mask? No, they really weren’t. Then, watch the classic movie serial featuring Captain Marvel (now known as Shazam). The introduction of brilliant special effects showed what really could be done with a superhero character.

Audiences do have inaccurate perceptions of what superhero visual effects entail.

The visual effects found in superhero films are more than just depictions of characters flying through the air or dodging laser fire. All those CGI explosions are definitely realistic looking and impressive. Yet, they do not properly reflect the totality of the effects that contribute to a memorable movie. Sometimes, the “little things” that come out from the special effects department add nice touches to a cinematic event.

Among those small touches would be the tweaking the landscape in the background of a shot to make it otherworldly. Such a nuanced approach to the backdrop of a scene really does bring out the fantasy element a superhero film is trying to get across.

John Textor is someone who understands all the unique small touches that add up to make a fantastic superhero film more believable. As a major executive with Pulse Evolution Corporation, Textor helps bring holographic images to life. Currently, Textor is bringing his knowledge about visual effects to a new movie in development with Disney.

Disney owns Marvel Comics Studios and has produced a host of wonderful superhero films. The next time you watch a fun D.C. or Marvel superhero movie, look for the small visual effects touches that really bring the characters to life.

How Image Recognition Technology Can Change Mobile Commerce

Everyday tons of new mobile software, apps and technology are created. Such an abundance of them that the normal person can’t keep tabs on what’s new and coming. Some of these technologies help us out a little and then there are those that can change our world greatly. One if doing just that, or at least or “Mobile World”. That is Image Recognition Technology, and it may just push mobile commerce to a new height. Shopping and similar habits will be so much more personal with this growing technology.

Image Recognition Technology involves a program that is able to recognize people, objects, places and logos. It is an artificial technology. It learns what consumers want by previous experiences and helps make shopping more accessible. The main thing that has companies excited is, consumers will be able to snap a pic of something on the street and purchase it in a few simple steps. This would alter the very way people make purchases and help make those decisions easier.

Visual search by Slyce are creating these programs for fashion industries and major retailers worldwide. Slyce offers a variety of services for a companies advertising and visual needs. They have the Snap to Buy software that you can customize for your business, along with a few key others. One of the newest is Tag and Display for social campaigns. Wouldn’t it be amazing with how popular social networking is if #hastags really connected the companies with their consumers? Well this software makes that possible.

There is a mobile revolution taking place with Image Recognition Technology being a powerful driving force. This is just the beginning of what companies will be able utilize the new technology for. Making shopping an easier and more personalized experience will make people no longer dread, but enjoy shopping. What people enjoy they tend to do more of, so the positive effects are endless. These days photos can do more than just hold memories, they can help create them as well.

FreedomPop and the Traveling SIM

For anyone who travels a good deal, most people are going to share the same problem of having a phone that doesn’t charge them an arm and a leg while making calls, checking their email or texting friends and family members. Although there are some service plans out there that offer connection to networks in Canada and Mexico. However, for the majority of networks or for more international traveling and not just staying inside of a continent, making a phone call or connecting to a data network can quickly increase the mobile phone bill by hundreds of dollars, if not more. Because of this, it is important to find a service provider who is able to offer a traveling SIM. Freedom Pop is currently working on such a SIM that is not going to charge any sort of roaming fee for individuals traveling within several dozen nations. This way, the customers can save a significant amount of money, all while traveling around the world.

FreedomPop is still working on the traveling SIM card. However, it is pushing in that direction and should have it up and available within the next year. For starters, the company is pushing into the UK out of the United States and offering free services to those interested in it. Beyond this, the company also provides free long distance to over 60 countries with the SIM card. This is the first step in the process, and with the UK being so close to the rest of Europe, it is going to be able to provide the traveling SIM card easily to the rest of Europe.

FreedomPop is currently working with different mobile service providers around the world to allow the traveling SIM card to work on the individual networks. It is not the different countries that charge the extra fees but the individual companies that are in the different countries. By working out agreements, the SIM card can be accepted without the overages being charged to the customer. So, it all just comes down to what companies are willing to work with FreedomPop. As the company grows and has more assets to work with, it shouldn’t be any sort of a problem at all. So, the next time someone decides to go on an international trip (within the next year), they might be able to use the FreedomPop traveling SIM card to be able to save money.

Marc Sparks Advises People On The Best Way To Get Things Done

The CEO, Founder and owner of Timber Creek, Marc Sparks, has helped over 60 start-ups get on their feet and find their wings. Spark’s new book ‘They Can’t Eat You’ is aimed at young entrepreneurs and people with dreams who want to become successful in any business endeavor they set their eyes on. As a person, Marc Sparks believes in organization and staying motivated. For this, he has one simple tip that would help anyone get things done, no matter how lazy the person might be. This tip involves making to-do lists to get things done. Any goal can be achieved by using to-do lists and when Marc Sparks recommends this method, he speaks from practice.

Start with Two Lists – It is Marc Sparks’ practice of sitting himself down every Sunday evening and write a list. He means actually writing with a pen and paper, and not typing on a computer. He makes two lists. One of them is for the things he needs to achieve in the week. This could be something as simple as picking up the dry-cleaning or as complex as only smoking a pack the entire week. The logic behind writing and not typing is that when you write something, you remember it and it motivates you to make that tick on the paper, right next to your objective.

The second list from Sparks is regarding goals. These are long term things you might have achieved but don’t want to forget. It could also be about your future goals and by writing them down every week, you keep yourself motivated to achieve them. For instance, if your goal is to write a book in the near future, your first weekly list could be regarding the number of pages you need to finish writing. The second list would be about your bigger goal – Finish the book this year and look for a publisher.

Be Accountable – When you don’t manage to tick an item on your to-do list, you need to hold yourself accountable. This does not mean beating yourself up for it but just that you need ensure that you stick to your targets in the future.

Try It For 66 Days – Marc Sparks recommends following this tip for 66 days to see a difference in your life.

This simple tip would make you as focused as Marc Sparks in your daily, weekly and long term endeavors. You would never complain about being unable to stick to targets.

Injured Cop Is Able To Walk Again With The Help Of Robotics

According to the latest news from CommuniCare that Fersen Lambranho shared,  New Mexico police officer was injured while on the job and suffered horrific injuries. Jeremy Romero was on a high speed car chase when he lost control of his vehicle and crashed. The worst aftermath was that he lost his ability to walk. In the year since the accident Romero has remained positive with one major goal in mind, to rejoin the police force. His dream may come to reality eventually. Romero is relearning to walk now with robotic legs. It will be a long road to becoming steady on his new feet and, possibly, being able to run again. The medical personnel that have work with Romero have testified to his positive attitude, wonderful work ethic, and drive to real his goals. Surely Romero is a perfect candidate to show the world the advancements in robotics that can, and will, benefit thousands of people worldwide.

Unmanned Drones Deliver Food in Singapore Restaurants


A group of drones created by the firm Infinium Robotics will become the helpful hand as multiple drone servers at restaurants in Singapore, which will essentially work to bring drinks and dishes in the restaurants owned by the company Timbre Group.

These unmanned drones shall be designed to carry up to 4.4 lbs of food over its structure and to ensure the safety of people, the drones will have a program that synchronizes with infrared emitters.

These infrared emitters allow monitoring the direction of the unmanned drones to avoid collisions that could occur in the vicinity of restaurants using the same device.

Despite the usefulness of these devices, the company says the jobs of human servers will not be affected, and they only want to simplify the work, though it definitely caught some interest among investment groups, one chairman at GP Advisors, Fersen Lambranho couldn’t get over it.

“We want to still have that human touch,” said the general manager of Timbre Group, Edward Chia.

The Tricorder Is Here!


Zeca Oliveira’s LinkedIn post was a throwback to the 60’s as he describes how amazed he was at this gadget Kirk and crew could pull out of their belt and use to communicate up to their ship or to another member of the landing party on some strange alien world. For us, these miraculous devices have been a commonplace reality for over a decade in the form of cell phones. The tricorder appears to be the next device that is making its segue from science fiction into reality. This was a little device that Doctor McCoy used on Star Trek to instantly diagnose problems with patients. The Scanadu may not look like the tricorders from Star Trek or any of its spin-offs, but it is a hand-held device that can detect a person’s heart rate, blood pressure and temperature in moments and then relay this data to their smart phone.

The world gets more amazing as science fiction continues to become reality on so many fronts. It is also incredible how quickly we all adapt to needing technology that either did not exist or was prohibitively expensive as recently as ten to twenty years ago. How many of us could live without our smart phones or notebooks today? Our parents and grandparents generation lived without them just fine, yet most of them use these devices today and wouldn’t know how to manage without them. At times, people do seem a little too addicted to their technology. Whenever you go into a restaurant, bus or waiting room, everyone seems to have their face buried in their own little screen. Let’s hope we don’t forget how to socialize face-to-face in this age of miracles.

Scientists Are Still Learning about Dark Matter

The discovery of dark matter came about as an observation. Brad Reifler realized too that the visible matter we could spot with telescopes was insufficient to explain the movement of various celestial bodies. Stars toward the outer edges of numerous galaxies are moving faster than the laws of physics could explain without there being more matter present to create additional gravity. Scientists have now discovered that there is also dark matter near the inner regions of our own galaxy. This means that dark matter is even more common throughout our galaxy than scientists originally knew to be the case. Physicists currently believe that about 80 percent of the mass of the universe is comprised of material that does not emit light or energy.

Given that we can only see those parts of the universe that emit light, it is staggering to think how much of it we still do not know about. There are of course ways to indirectly observe phenomena that, while not emitting light, do emit plenty of gravity, such as black holes, and we can then see the effect they have on surrounding objects. There is, however, currently no way of telling how many dark objects that also do not produce much gravity may exist in the cosmos. It will be interesting to discover, as we reach for the stars over the next few centuries, just how much of the universe is composed of matter we can not see.