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USHEALTH Advisors Insurance Covers

USHEALTH Advisors mainly specializes in the marketing of certain health coverage plans. The plans are approved and insured by the USHEALTH Groups family of insurance companies.

According to Crunchbase, our first focus will be USHEALTH Advisors insurance. USHEALTH Group licensing scheme provides various covers that include secure dental, premier vision, life protector, med guard, accident protector and income protector.

Under secure dental coverage plan they offer three plans namely; premium plan, saver plus plan and saver plan.

The regular dental plan provides benefits for dental coverage only hence not a workers compensation coverage under state laws. At USHEALTH Advisors dental coverage plan they believe everyone deserves a healthy smile.

Premier vision has several benefits for the insured such as comprehensive eye exams, frames, corrective standard lenses, and corrective contact lenses.

Under premier vision, the insured gets to save money. Those insured under premier vision plan get 84% saving as compared to those not insured with premier vision.

Life protector is a ten-year term insurance policy where the insured gets to enjoy benefits such as protection in the event of unexpected death; it is not taxable to beneficiaries, it’s economical, provides protection which helps in obligation such as mortgage and much more. Learn more about USHealth Advisers:

Accident protector has its advantages such as providing huge sum payouts in case your injury is due to an accident and also helps cover the cost of deductibles, co-pays and other related expenses including diagnostic tests and x-rays, oxygen, over the counter drugs and much more. Read more: USHealth Advisors Memphis Team

Income protector is a short-term accident disability insurance. When sidelined with an accident injury, your bills don’t stop. In the event of an accident, income protector provides monthly benefits to assist you with your general expenses and overall bills. You should be ready with income protector coverage plan for protection against accidents.

The USHEALTH Advisors have addresses through which anyone in need of their insurance policies can link up with them. They are on 300 Burnett street, suite 200 fort worth, TX 76102-2734 is their postal code. You can also find them via their email address, and their telephone number is 800.387.9027.

USHEALTH Advisors Group – Valued Insurance Company

USHEALTH Group is based in Fort Worth, Texas. They are dedicated to providing a variety of insurance options for self-employed individuals, families, small business owners and their staff. The types of insurance include Specified Disease/Sickness, life, accidental insurance and much more. Throughout the years of business, USHEALTH Group is responsible for serving more than 15 million customers with specific needs that can be catered to each business.


They offer specific written plans that are aimed towards customer who have a limited budget or are concerned about high deductibles that would have to be met before insurance would take effect. Customer choice is a highly valued quality at USHEALTH Group, and their advisors can help assist you when making an educated decision on the best type of coverage policy for yourself or your family. They adhere to flexibility and a wide array of options that should be considered when choosing coverage. Customers who have the option to spend a little bit more money, and design a plan that is tailored to their coverage needs have the ability to choose which provider, network and coverage is best for them. Not only are their solutions affordable, but they are flexible to include Critical Illness, Accident and Short Term Accident Disability Income, which comes with many more options to choose from.


The USHEALTH Advisors understand how complex insurance guidelines have become. They complete a rigorous training session and have years of dedicated experience to helping meet the customer’s needs. They are personally attentive to each customer and take special note in developing a plan that is catered to each line of business, individual or family. USHEALTH Group works under two fundamental values of conduct. They understand and value that each case and individual is unique yet they also understand that a “one size fits all” approach is not always the answer they’re looking for. In reality, each case is generally different, allowing the advisors to focus on the client in a different way than most insurance company’s do. They have been named in the Top 50 North American Call Center’s in 2013 and are proud to hold their A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.

Affordable Insurance Coverage with USHEALTH Group Inc



USHEALTH GROUP Inc is an American insurance company that provides different insurance plans for specific ailments, life, accidents, and disabilities among others. The company has been in action for over 50 years, and provides insurance solutions to the self-employed persons, start up businesses, and families. The USHEALTH Group with its other affiliate companies, gives its clients top priority when it comes to insurance coverage. USHEALTH Group Company has upgraded its services to provide high quality services; whereby it is able to provide to its customers affordable plan/portfolio. The portfolio offers first dollar services and discounts. It, therefore, mean if a client falls into a tight budget brackets, he or she, is then entitled to the portfolio and his/her health is taken care of.


The unparalleled services at the USHEALTH Group Company has enabled its elevation to the top. On recognizing this, the prestigious One Planet Award organization awarded the company with the honors of company of the year in categories of, accounting, financial, and insurance. Since its launch, the USHEALTH Group Company has managed to rise high in the competitive individual health insurance market. This was due to its extraordinary success growth and profitability it experienced as a result of marketing its insurance products.


USHEALTH Group LinkedIn.


USHEALTH Group is a licensed facility and is always on a mission to satisfy its clients. The company’s primary purpose is to instill hope in people by providing affordable insurance services, thus creating a positive difference in their lives. The company has termed it portfolios as affordable and reliable, whereby they can provide patients with everyday medical expenses and even more serious medical events.


Customers can enhance their protection with the full line of availed products at the USHEALTH Group Company. Such products are; critical illness, diseases, dental/vision plans, and income protector among others. Customers highly rank USHEALTH Group for its high tech deliveries. It has maintained its relationship with its clients for a long time, thus the company can be considered dependable and loyal.