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Jason Hope: The Philanthropist, Futurist, and, Entrepreneur

From the onset, Jason mentions that it is all about focus. As an entrepreneur, you do need to work at one project before moving on to the next. That his being mantra, he discourages most people related or leading to entrepreneurship to specialize.

As a skilled Futurist, with a passion for technology, he views the future of it taking this business industry, it is right. According to Jason, there is a lot of hope that technology will be the future of entertainment. For more info about us: click here.

Technological trends

Apparently, there is no through way, as modern business requires this technology. There are so many devices that you can use to make this possible using mobile phone.

Modern business is important to get great sales and conversions. As such, you need someone like Jason Hope who has the credentials to match up and help you make that sale. With a Finance Degree from Arizona State University, as well as, an MBA in Business, this is the man to talk to in terms of making a company rise to the heights.

Medicine solutions

He does manage various procedures that include Biotechnology that is catered for rejuvenation to reduce aging. In addition, there are some mitochondrial mutations that he has researched about to proof that your body cells are your “power cells”. There is a lot that Hope has done in his dermatological practice.

Above all, Jason Hope is an individual working on numerous projects such asIoT article

Live longer productive lives

As well as many more in order to prove that, his investment does pay off. He is located in Scottsdale, Arizona as a Computer software Engineer. Nonetheless, what he has done to the community of Arizona is a lot. He is doing some major research on dermatology regarding skin cells and as a continuing practice; he is looking to do more.

Status Labs Dishes on Getting Doxxed

The internet is a constantly growing frontier that is becoming more and more important in our day to day lives. From uploading our resume for possible job applications all the way to relaxing by communicating via social media, the internet is where we are increasingly spending our time. As the importance of the internet ramps up, so must our awareness of how to keep all of our personal data secure. We host everything from credit cards to personal passwords on the web and there is no reason for us to do it idly. Status Labs, a digital reputation company, took to the internet in order to facilitate some ways on how to avoid losing your personal data.

Lock down your personal web presence.
The #1 key to keeping your personal data secure, as stated by the CEO of Status Labs — Darius Fisher, is to keep your web presence limited as much as possible. This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t utilize the internet. Instead you should focus on leaving your footprint as minimized as possible. In order to do this consider googling your own name or company. Do the results you find make you happy? If they don’t then get in contact with the web results you disapprove of and request that they be altered or deleted. Oftentimes you will have websites willing to comply.

Enable social media privacy.
The biggest culprit in the war on getting doxxed is the social media account that is not properly locked down. Make sure to frequently check your social media information and check any and all boxes that enable increased privacy of your content. You do not need the world at large reading your latest status updates or seeing personal photos. This is the simplest way you can make a big difference in your online security.

If these steps above don’t completely solve your issues then you could always opt to address a company like Status Labs. CEO Darius Fisher is a staunch believer in web privacy and he has worked hard to make sure his company mirrors that aspect of himself. Status Labs is focused on crisis management and web presence cultivation.

The Frightening Aftermath of the Ashley Madison Scandal

The infamous Ashley Madison website hack is not something that has faded into the proverbial sunset. The fallout from the hacking scandal seems to be never ending. The New York Post recently published a report about troubling emails that have been sent to people who were members of the extramarital affair dating website.

Those affected by the Ashley Madison hack received emails noting their identity and affiliation with the dating community. One person received an email requesting $500 be paid via Bitcoin within three days. If the payment was not made, the social media accounts of the users would be used to inform various friends and relatives of the person’s membership on Ashley Madison.

One person who was targeted by the “scammers” revealed he joined the Ashley Madison site because he has having marital problems. Even though he was a member of the site, he never had an affair.

The former member quickly turned to Darius Fisher and Status Labs for help. Status Labs is an online reputation management firm based out of Austin, TX and has regional offices in New York City and San Paulo Brazil. The company provided crisis counseling to many who suffered from the Ashley Madison hack. Fisher noted that changing social media settings to private is the first step to take. This way, no friends or family can be located through the site. Fisher also pointed out that it would be exceedingly unwise to pay anyone any money.

In addition to providing services to those harmed in the Ashley Madison scandal, the firm has helped rebuild the reputation of scores of other clients who experienced all sorts of different online reputation harm. Status Labs has helped alter online impressions whether they be from bad reviews, legal woes, or other issues.

Negative information that appears on the internet is going to remain in place until something proactive is done. Search engine results are not going to change on their own. Effective work has to be done and performed by professionals. Most importantly, it needs to be done quickly.

Status Labs Handles Online Reputation Fixing

Once a reputation is tarnished, it becomes very difficult to hold onto the same status in a community or professional circle than previously existed. Difficult to be sure, impossible never. There are things that can be done to help re-establish a reputation back to what existed prior to a scandal or controversy. Calling on Status Labs might be the best way to help with this cause.

Status Labs is a company based out of Austin, Texas that specifically works for those persons who have suffered harm to their good name. An executive or celebrity who gets in the legal trouble does not want to see the dark cloud of bad publicity hang over his or her head. Businesses that receive bad marks for customer service do not want to suffer from a constant loss of new clients because bad reviews never seem to go away.

The sad truth is nothing is going to change what people see in the global search engine results unless specific tasks are performed. Someone must create and promote new bits of information for the search engine results. This means blogs, websites, social media posts, and more must be published. All of this work has to be done by professionals who truly know what they are doing. Status Labs employs such professionals and they should be able to deliver extremely important and much-needed help.

Status Labs is headquartered in Austin, TX. The company’s offices have recently moved to the prestigious business district in the city. Status Labs has also joined the local Chamber of Commerce and is expanding its presence in the city.

Actually, Status Labs is expanding its presence all over the globe. Offices have been opened in New York and even as far away as San Paulo, Brazil. Of course, since a great deal of the work rooted in online public relations and marketing, clients can be drawn from anywhere in the world. And there are a lot of people from around the globe asking for help. 1,500 clients from about 35 countries have worked with Status Labs to reverse a number of reputation woes.

Darius Fisher is the man behind Status Labs. A former political consultant and marketing copywriter, Fisher brings a tremendous amount of expertise to the complex job of fixing people’s images. His skills have helped establish Status Labs as one of the top reputation management firms in the industry.

I Used Skout To Find Friends In An Area I’m Moving To

I have a problem trusting the people around me, especially the people that live in my neighborhood. I live in a small community in New York, and I do see a lot of crime happening around me. Since I was afraid of the place that I lived, I would only go to work and come home. I was saving up money to move to another area where I would feel safe. In the meantime, I wanted to find friends elsewhere, so I could get away from my everyday life. I started looking towards social media networks for comfort.

My favorite social media network is Skout, and I’ve been on the network for over a year. I never used to use the network so much, but now that I’m always alone, I use the network every day. During the last month, my best friend moved away. I understand why my friend left, and I can’t wait to leave this area also. I started searching Skout to see if I could find friends in another state. My plan was to move to Maryland because I have family there. I only had a few more months before I would have enough money to move.

Although I have family in Maryland, I wanted friends as well. I did a search on Skout for the area in Maryland I was moving to. I was able to find 10 people that interested me. The 10 people I found on the network were a mixture of women and men. I figured I could find someone to hang out with as well as someone to be a close friend. I took time to get to know these people by sharing some intimate information with them. It turns out that at least two of the persons used to live in New York.

I had some things in common with a few of the people, including the loss of a loved one. After speaking with these people through the Skout network, we all decided that we meet soon. One person was coming to my area, so we set up a meeting. The person and I went out to the movies as that’s the only place I’ll go in my area. After I got to know this person, we talked daily on Skout. I’m excited about moving to Maryland, and I’m glad I use Skout to find friends. Skout is a great place to meet new people. More information about Skout on their Twitter page.

How Do You Write Ethically For Wikipedia?

You may not think of Wikipedia editing in terms of ethics, but you must remember that they run the world’s largest encyclopedia. Every article has to meet these guidelines so that Wikipedia can post it to their site. They want to have nothing but a large stream of information, but there is nothing that they can do if improper articles are published. You are the barrier that Wikipedia needs to make sure only proper articles are published, and you should follow these guidelines to make life easier for everybody.

Just The Facts, Please

The majority of people think that Wikipedia articles can have anything they like. However, a Wikipedia article must read like a newspaper article or term paper. These articles need to have only factual information. This factual information should be verified, and you need to be sure you can list the sources you used for the verification. This is going to create a resource list at the end of the article that people can use to do further research.

I know this all sounds overwhelming, and it is. For those of us without the time to learn this all, and a little money to throw around, there are other options out there. One is GetYourWiki, a company that creates Wikipedia entries professionally for people and companies who pass the notability guidelines. If you aren’t notable, you won’t be able to get on.

Credit The Photos

You want to make sure that the photos on the site are credited properly. Most people are going to notice that the photos look like they came from a newspaper, and this is to make sure that the articles look legitimate. Without the proper credits, the photos are not ethical. Also, the royalties on the photos need to be verified so that they can be used ethically.

When you follow these two guidelines, you are going to have a resource list at the end of the article, links within the article and photos that are properly credited. These articles are going to offer the most information to the reader, and they are going to be safe for Wikipedia to publish after they have been properly edited.

Skout, one of the best dating sites

Skout is both a cell phone application and a social media website that, even though it is predominately meant for dating, can rival most of the more popular social media platforms. The main reason for this is because there are over a hundred million people using it and if the application is downloaded on a cell phone, shaking the phone initiates contact between two parties from across the world. This function can appeal to people who are interested in learning about foreign cultures, as shaking the phone usually initiates contact between people from different countries, which many people will find to be quite interesting.

Unlike most social networking sites, communicating with other people is encouraged and rewarded. Users are able to unlock achievement rewards for being social, such as the ability to give other users gifts, or to access pictures that are only unlocked after the user obtains credits. People who utilize the social aspects of the site will be rewarded for their behavior, whereas those who just download the program and don’t use it to communicate with others will not receive any incentives to keep using it. This feature ensures that bots do not invade the program and inactive people can easily be identified as not using it very often.

One thing that sets Skout apart from other social networking or dating sites and programs is that it goes out of its way to ensure that everything is kept clean. This ensures that the ability to upload pictures is not abused by users deciding to host nothing but pornographic images. In fact, all uploaded pictures end up being queued, so a live team of people can review the images and remove any that are pornographic or suggestive in any way. By doing this, the application is kept safe; meaning that no one will proposition or harass another user because someone uploaded pornographic pictures.

Content is monitored constantly to ensure the safety of the users. Anything that could be considered lewd or inappropriate ends up being removed as soon as it is noticed, which also eliminates the potential for internet stalkers to post strange or worrying messages to another user. Everything the users post -and not just pictures- must be clean, because Skout is not meant to be a porn site or a naked picture hosting site. People can report harassing or threatening messages, which will be dealt with accordingly; users should never have to worry about people bothering them inappropriately.

However, as Skout is primarily a dating application, users will be pleased to note that they can tease and flirt with anyone they want to– so long as they keep everything clean and tasteful. The application does not prevent people from exchanging contact information, such as e-mail address or phone numbers, though most users understand that as soon as they exchange contact information and get a hold of each other that way, they are no longer protected by Skout’s rules and regulations. However, the majority of the users know better than to give their personal information to anyone else; which is one of the reasons that it is considered a very safe application to use.

It does not cost anything for someone to use the website or application. However, there are some features that, while service is not limited for not using those features, must be paid for through in-application credits. These paid features simply add to the features that free users are already granted, rather than supplying things that would leave a free user at a disadvantage. People on Twitter have been jumping on the bandwagon quite frequently.

Mark Ahn Explains Key Elements to Biotechnology Startup Success

Mark Ahn Explains Key Elements to Biotechnology Startup Success

As originally reported in this article from TheStreet, the well educated and informed biotechnology industry expert Mark Ahn explains the factors distinguishing success and failure in the changing world of biotechnology startups. He discusses the popularity of Biotech companies and the messages they offer such as curing horrible illnesses and offering solutions to other medical problems or conditions. He says that most investors are interested in finding well established firms and finds the industry is filled with companies offering great ideas but not always been able to provide the stability and follow through required of biotechnology firms.
Most biotechnology firms become successful by being resilient despite the long development cycles and he suggests following a business plan despite the urge to follow the emerging trends in the competitive biotechnology industry. The winds of change will blow but the main factors setting apart the successful firms and the unsuccessful firms seems to rely on the ability to remain consistent in a industry dominated by change. This is also an important factors to consider for investors wanting to find the right biotechnology company. Investing in the newest company isn’t always the most profitable decisions for wise investors aware of the fleeting success often gained by new firms. He recommends looking to the older and more established biotechnology companies in terms of making sounds and financially secure investments. 

Mark Ahn’s article on TheStreet

Sony Slapped with Class-Action Lawsuit for Data Breech

Sony Pictures had sensitive data hacked on November 24th. Hackers released personal e-mails between top Sony brass and had access to sensitive data and information about thousands of employees, but things for Sony is about to get much worse. Needless to say no one at Sony is cracking open a fine bottle from The Antique Wine Company.  This week, a class-action lawsuit was filed against the study. 

The complaint claims Sony failed to secure its employees personal information and data. The complaint also alleges that Sony is to blame for the hack, because it failed to properly store and protect that information, which thus gave hackers easy access to everything from personal addresses, to bank information, to familial relations. 

The social security numbers of some 47,000 employees were stolen during the breech, and the salaries of over 6,000 employees was made available to the public. Performance evaluations and salary negotiations were also leaked, along with private e-mail conversations, many of them speaking brusquely about major stars, including Angelina Jolie, Leonardo Dicaprio, and Willow and Jaden Smith. 

Sony is no stranger to such lawsuits. It has only been six months since they settled a class-action lawsuit filed against them for a security breech that occurred on the PlayStation network. That breech leaked credit card information and personal data for thousands upon thousands of PSN users. 

An online hacker group known as The Guardians of Peace have taken responsibility for the hacking.

FCC Announces new Internet Connection Speed Requirements

According to, companies receiving funds from the Connect America Fund from the Federal Communication Commission are required to have 10 Mbps download speeds for rural communities. On December 11, 2014, the FCC announced that this provision was now mandatory. The previous minimum requirements were four Mbps.

At the direction of Congress, the FCC created the Connect America Fund to encourage ISP to strengthen its networks in rural areas to comparable rates the urban customers receive. This funding is part of the National Broadband Plan. The goal for this program is to have 100,000 Americans with 100 Megabits per second data connection rates by the year 2020.

The Connect America Fund is being funded by 15.5 Billions dollars sent from the Universal Serivice Fund. The legal framework for this is in the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009. As of November, there were 181 applicants for Connect America with over 600 projects totaling to $885 million dollars in investments-be sure to check out the Flickr postings.