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Highland Capital Management Undisputed Success in the Financial Advisory Field

Highland Capital Management, a SEC registered investment advisor was founded in 1993 by Mark Okada and James Dondero. It is one of the globe’s largest alternative credit manager and is currently has over $15.4 billion assets under their management.


Services provided by Highland Capital Management


The company involves in a broad range of services which include the provision of credit strategies such as hedge funds, separate accounts, long only funds, collateralized loan obligations, and special situation private equity. They also offer alternative investments such as long/short equities, emerging markets, and natural resources.


Being comprised of most experienced global credit managers, Highland Capital Management client base includes financial institutions, governments, and corporations, funds of funds, endowments, public pension plans, foundations, and high-net-worth individuals. To serve their clients better, the company has its headquarters in Dallas, Texas with regional offices in San Paulo, New York, Singapore, and Seoul.


Highland Alternative Investors Tremendous Growth


Highland Alternative Investors is one of the Highland Capital Investment affiliates which manages small assets of about $55 million. During the close of business in 2016, the company realized a massive increase in funds which resulted from credit competency. According to the company’s CIO, Michael Gregory they were able to make lucrative partnerships with the pipelines after the oil price dropped. This resulted in massive returns, almost half of that year’s gains.


Success Strategies


To realize success, the company’s management applies a refined management strategy which uses the top-down risk management framework. The portfolio risk targets and top-down risk positioning in outlined by the Portfolio Manager and the CIO. Through robust fundamental analysis, nimble trading capabilities, proactive diligence, and monitoring, the company can identify any possible mispricing. Additionally, they use of qualified professionals who have gained experience over the years.


Charitable Contributions


In addition to providing financial services, Highland Capital Management is also actively involved in the community. The company’s employees participate in volunteer works, financial contributions to the local community and non-profitable organizations, and involvement in advisory boards. Over the years, the community has contributed over $10 million to charitable organizations worldwide.


Highland Capital Management

Highland Capital Management is an investment management firm. Highland Capital Management manages hedge funds, structured, and distressed investment funds.

A private business, based in Dallas, Texas, Highland Capital Management has about one hundred employees on pay roll, and is known to have a solid business structure with viable human resource abilities. If you are an investor of virtually any kind, Highland Capital is probably the way to go for you. When trying to get an idea of just how many different investment firms are out there, you will probably notice that there are way more than you would have ever realized, and that is why it is important to understand the importance of going with a viable, reliable investment firm. Highland Capital Management is exactly what most investors are looking for. Highland Capital Management is known for having a very diverse client base, with clients coming from all sorts of different areas of the world, as well as clients from different economic classes. Highland Capital Management also has many different types of investment opportunities, and is known for being low-priced. Many investment firms are over priced, or just overall unobtainable. With Highland Capital Management, a consumer knows that he or she is getting a great deal, and that the investment firm he or she went with is one that cares about the consumer. At Highland Capital Management, the diversified different types of investment strategies really impact the sake of the company, and it seems to be a successful business strategy.