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Latin Pop Star, Norka Luque on a Mission to Change the World through Music

Norka Luque knew that she wanted to do great things with her life. She knew that she wanted to change the world by encouraging people and giving them hope. Norka Luque does motivational and inspirational songs that carry a strong message of hope. Her work is meant to help everyone facing challenges by giving them hope and encouraging them to keep on fighting.

Norka Luque’s own story is an inspiration to anyone with a dream. In her world, the word “impossible” does not exist. This beautiful Venezuelan singer has faced several challenges including epilepsy, a life-threatening condition. However, she has overcome all these hurdles to become one of the most successful Latin pop artists.

Her love for music can be traced back when she was a little girl, only eight years old. She participated in numerous singing competitions including “School Festival of Gaitas,” a Venezuelan folk music contest. Her love for music was also evident when she was in France studying Business Administration. Norka Luque would create time to perform in different French night clubs.

She also joined a rock group by the name, Bad Moon Rising. With this band, Norka Luque learned a lot about the French music community. She was the soloist of the band, a position that really influenced her current career. Norka Luque decided to move to the United States to make music professionally.

She started by performing at different night clubs in Miami, Florida. It was during one of her performances that she met the Grammy Award winning producer, Emilio Estefan Jr. Emilio showed interest in her work, especially after he heard Norka sing. He signed on as her manager as well as her producer.

Emilio worked with other big personalities in the Latin music industry to come up with Norka Luque’s first album. This album was a success. The first single off the album was “Como lo haces Tu.” It got Norka Luque a nomination in the Lo Nuestro Award. The second single off this album was “Milagro.” This song became an instant hit, dominating the airwaves in three countries including the United States, Venezuela, and Puerto Rico.

“Milagro” was released in three phases, the urban remix version, the dance version and the salsa version. All of these versions did well in music charts. Currently, Norka Luque has taken the music industry by storm. However, only time can tell the direction her career will take.

Norka Luque is very active on social media. She is onFacebook; follow her to learn more about her amazing music career.