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U.S. Navy Develops Submarine Drone Hunter

The United States navy is following their counterparts in the Air Force and has begun its on drone program for the development of submarine hunter predator drone. Such a weapon would tip the scales in the world of tactical submarine warfare. The submarine service is the initial tactical weapon of every major country and is the first strike platform for the nuclear program of a number of nations. Even though their are no wars being engaged in open seas, every major country is currently playing a game of cat and mouse with under the seas by keeping tabs of the type, capabilities and location of each others submarine. The peace time policy of all countries with a submarine fleet is that the moment that war is engaged each nation will no the location of the other country’s submarine and no country’s submarine fleet is unaccounted for. U.S. Navy Develops Sub Drones

The development of a a drone program for the submarine fleet would free valuable resources for the U.S. Navy. More drones could be used to perform the duties of an entire crew of a U.S. tactical submarine. If a submarine drone is armed with missiles or torpedos, it could also engage the enemy without placing sailors in harms way. The additional benefit is the surveillance capabilities that the drone could perform.

The Navy has not announced its testing schedule nor when such a fleet would be operational, but it should be posted to news outlets like Variety shortly.

Navy Releases Details On Drone That Operates Like A Shark

As technology advances at a rapid rate, one of the things that have been becoming more and more sophisticated are drones. As Bruce Levenson said it’s about time.  Even though, there are a variety of civilian and military drones in existence, one of the most infamous type, that we all can relate to, is the U.S. Army’s Unmanned aerial vehicle, which can travel for over 200 Km and disperse hell-fire missiles, without the need for an on board pilot. The Navy on the other hand, has been working on a drone of its own and released the results of their Rapid Innovation Cell program, this pass week. 

The Navy proclaimed that they were in the process of finalizing the tests of an unmanned underwater vehicle that was given the name Ghostswimmer. It proclaimed that the whole idea of Ghostswimmer came to light, as a result of it’s Silent Nemo project, which is aimed at creating unmanned vehicles with tactical abilities that would be able to efficiently mimic organic species. 

The Ghostswimmer does in fact have tactical abilities and can navigate similarly to how a large fish would swim and resembles a shark physically. At approximately 5 feet long and weighing in at 100 pounds, the machines is able to collect crucial data such as waves, tides, currents and other weather conditions, which can prove to be especially useful when it comes to executing a tactical naval based mission.

They also proclaimed that even though it is in its early stages that, eventually they which to develop a more sophisticated system like it, that could infiltrate enemy territory, perform reconnaissance on enemy actions and enemy divers, locate mines and attack enemy targets.