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George Soros’s Good Deeds Create Demonic Tales

George Soros was born in Budapest, Hungary in 1930. He emigrated to England in 1947 to achieve higher education and advance his career prospects. Through many years of dedicated learning, hard work, and challenging sacrifice, Soros has become a wealthy hedge fund manager, investor and author. Yet his name circles the globe and has been used immensely in reports by media and governments world wide as the face of a singular ruler of all nations. These claims and conspiracies are not generated because of his cunning business sense, investment moves, or personal wealthy purchases. He is painted as the worlds greatest threat because of his monumental philanthropy.

Soros began his charitable givings in 1979 by establishing a scholarship program for black South Africans. In 1984 he established an agreement between his Soros Foundation and a Hungarian organization to create a foundation that supports countries to move their political establishments away from communism. Since that time Soros foundations have been established in over 100 countries world wide and focus on funding causes that deal primarily with human rights issues and social justices. His global philanthropic organization is called Open Society Foundation.

Over the past 30 years Soros foundations have dispersed some $14 billion to organizations and countries that he feels need support in their enlightened and progressive causes. Funds have helped create higher education schools, given support to watchdog organizations, and have helped protect marginalized communities. He has always been a central voice and promoter of the injustices that he feels strongly about and uses his financial status and value to bring pioneering change and reform.

Though many nations around the world have benefited from his mass charity and support, it is this overwhelming blessing that has now been deemed a curse on political freedom. Soros’s charitable financial support backed the collapse of communism in Europe and funded groups to establish pro-democracy institutions. These kinds of major social shifts that have a precursor of financial support by Soros philanthropy are the basis for conspiracy reports that he is the ruling figure that decides the political and social standards of the world. It’s this type of demonization of his global charity efforts that has given organizations with oppressive views a finger to point at.

Through verbal and written reports, George Soros has been linked as the mastermind of some of the worlds greatest upsets from the revolutions in Georgia to the anti-corruption protests in Romania and even funding the Antifa movements in the United States. However Soros is not the only philanthropist that gives to movements that he feels can make positive change. Yet with his well established world wide Open Society Foundations that fund programs to help communities at a local level, he has become an easy target for antagonists to use as the evil figure under a countries bed trying to steal its soul. But George Soros will continue to give generously to the sides that fight for human rights and civil equality as he has been doing for the last three decades.

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