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Dr. Mark McKenna is Transforming New Orleans into an Investors Hub through his Real Estate Development efforts

Dr. Mark McKenna is a licensed medical doctor, a committed patient advocate, and a respected community leader. He obtained his license to practice medicine and surgery from the Florida and Georgia State Board of Medical Examiners. The New Orleans native completed his medical course at the Tulane University Medical School. He started practicing medicine at his father’s clinic and eventually launched McKenna Venture Investments, a premier real estate development business.

McKenna acquired Uptown Title, Inc., and Universal Mortgage Lending. This portfolio firms grew to more than 50 workers, and they provided finance, real estate closing, and turnkey design-build services. On August 29, 2005, McKenna registered massive losses following the Hurricane Katrina that damaged the city of New Orleans and a bigger percentage of McKenna’s business interests. After this disastrous storm, he joined other investors in the rebuilding of New Orleans by financing the construction of low-moderate income properties.

McKenna moved to Atlanta, GA, in November 2007. He started a medical practice, ShapeMed, which focused on wellness and aesthetics. Life Time Fitness acquired ShapeMed on November 1, 2014, and appointed McKenna as its national medical director. He relinquished this position in July 2016. McKenna founded OVME, an innovative facing, technology supported, aesthetic firm that is redefining elective healthcare.

Origin of the idea to form OVME

Dr. McKenna leveraged his more than a decade’s professional experience in the competitive medical aesthetics sector to come up with OVME. He gained a lot of knowledge from building one of the biggest practices in America and selling it to a publicly traded firm. He discovered that the medical aesthetics industry had many untapped opportunities.

Bringing ideas to life

Dr. McKenna has a unique strategy for bringing his ideas to life. He sets goals and visions on a regular basis. He also enjoys meditating once per day. He believes meditation coupled with active goal setting is a perfect recipe for success. Dr. McKenna loves to surround himself with smarter people. That way, he regularly learns new ideas and solutions to problems that he faces. He recommends every ambitious entrepreneur to read Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich.

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Nick Vertucci from Grass to Grace

Nick Vertucci is the founder and CEO of Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy. The Academy is located in different locations within the United States including California and Nevada. The Academy under Nick’s leadership has grown to be one of the best real estate education and advisory centers. Nick built the Academy out of his passion for real estate and a desire of helping people gain their financial freedom by following his blueprint.

Nick Vertucci comes from a very humble background. He lost his father at the age of ten forcing her mother to work long hours to provide for Nick and his siblings. Nick has a philosophy that states ‘your past does not dictate your future.’ Life was extremely hard for Nick when he was growing up. Nick at one time when he was 18 years old lived in a van.

Nicks life would take a turn when he began his entrepreneurship journey by establishing a business of selling computer parts. Nick became his boss, and the business grew very well. He became financially stable and saw that it was an opportune time for him to get married and start a family. Nick Married the love of her life and together got three beautiful daughters. However in 2000 with the dot com crash, Nick’s business started going down, and within no time he was out of finances. Nick wasn’t prepared for this unfortunate event and had no savings or investment.

For the next 18 months, Nick had no source of steady income and was becoming increasingly indebted to friends and relatives. He merely lost everything apart from his house. It was at this time that Nick was invited to be a guest at three days real estate training seminar by a friend. At first, he was hesitant to accept the invitation, but after his friend convinced him it was a seminar worth attending, Nick agreed to the requests and attended the conference. It was the best decision he ever made Nick recalls.

Nick Vertucci carefully followed the proceedings of the seminar though he understood little because he was not a professional in that sector. From the very first day, Nick knew that real estate was the answer to his entire problem. From the conference Nick felt renewed and inspired but did not stop there, he continued studying things about real estate for close to ten years. He kept pressing on and never gave up and eventually he was able to come up with a simple and straight forward system that enabled him to make money in real estate and gained financial freedom.

Nick became so successful in Real estate and vowed to teach others how they could get financial breakthrough through real estate, and that’s how Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy came into being.

New York Real Estate May have Tough Year

An article by the New York Daily News has indicated some of its major predictions for the 2016 year in New York City and many of these predictions are projected around the challenges that the real estate market will be facing this year.

The major concern that is underlying these various predictions is the long awaited tightening of the real estate market mainly as a result of the rise in interest rates that has been foreshadowed by the Federal Reserve for several years now and had the first increase hit in the last quarter of 2015. While the first increase did not have a significant impact, the thought is that the increase in interest rates will make it more challenging to borrow money for a mortgage and sellers will start to face various pricing pressure as a result.

Beyond a prediction of increased interest rates, the Daily News article also is predicting that deals will take longer to be completed and individuals will be looking for amenities before signing for the purchase of an new unit. Gone will be individuals buying New York City real estate at any price.

New developments, particularly in Brooklyn will also continue to sell well and will fetch higher prices than before.

Another prediction is that the properties that do sell will be those in prime areas and with owners who have a solid understanding of the real estate market. That just goes to show the importance of having an high quality real estate broker like Town Residential Real Estate providing you with services when you sell so that you can easily move your unit and without the added pressure of trying to locate a buyer.

Town Residential real estate is one of the premier luxury real estate agencies in the New York City area and has worked with a large number of buyers and sellers and can provide good recommendations to those looking to sell or buy as a result. Having an real estate agent who understands the local market makes a big difference and should not be discounted. Town Residential is one of the best in the business.