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Sheldon Lavin expands OSI Food Solutions in Spain

OSI Food Solutions recently expanded its operations by increasing their chicken processing. The company operates in Toledo Spain and has been successful. It has come up with another line of production, and now they can produce 24,000 tons of chicken in a year. Before this, they were only producing 13,000 tones meaning the new line has led to the increase of their capacity for production. The recent development have happened under the leadership of Sheldon Lavin who is the Chief Executive Officer of the company. From the expansion, the business can now produce 45, 000 tons of beef, pork and chicken. The company had 140 workers in the various departments, but because of this expansion, they now need to add 20 others to serve in the new production line. Product development manager is a position that requires someone who is dedicated for the job. The position comes after the expansion and needs someone with the right skills for the job. The main idea is to develop new product and also improve on the current ones.

According to the managing director of the company, there has been growing demand for chicken food in Portugal and Spain. Jose Maria del Rio said in the past ten years the demand for chicken has been increasing at least by six percent. However, he noted the demand increased even further in the last three years going to 8 percent. He is hopeful the trend will continue. Read more about Sheldon Lavin…

The house added for the new production has measurements of 22, 600 sqft. The building also has a kitchen for product development. The kitchen is essential as they will use it in addressing the needs of customers which are continually changing. It has a lounge for employees and rooms refrigerated where waste will be stored. There is a production hall, an area for storage supply and shipping area.

Talking about the expansion, the company’s president David McDonald said it is now possible for the business to increase its product portfolio. He said the development would boost the growth of their services. McDonald, who is also the Chief Operating Officer, is happy about this saying the company can now hire more people and also increase their production. Read more about Sheldon Lavin and David McDonald…

Expanded Sustainability

The people of this successful company are careful when it comes to caring for the environment. The workers are always encouraged always to create a business that is productive and sustainable. For instance, the company has installed new equipment that is essential in lowering consumption of energy for the company by 20 percent. The equipment is made in a way to encourage heat recovery which leads to the company being energy efficient. Under the leadership of Sheldon Lavin, the company has even received awards for pioneering sustainability in the food industry.

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