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How Startups Can Optimize Collaboration with the Help of Marc Sparks

Startups often get their start with a lot of uncertainty, but what matters most is that they get the proper incubation period. This means that they have a time period of coming up with a sound business model as well as how to achieve the goals that are a part of that business model. Every entrepreneur is light on resources coming into starting a new business, and that’s why Marc Sparks started Timber Creek Capital LP.

The new office is designed to accommodate three companies during their incubation stage. This means that they are able to collaborate in an environment that is not only attractive, but it’s also important that these companies are able to meet with the right folks to get guidance on the legal aspects of business as well as design, digital resources, and how to generate revenue.

Sparks makes a great point in a recent press release that the incubation space can either inspire you or be cold and uninspiring. His goal is to create a space in which entrepreneurs can be creative and plan for massive success with their team.

 Marc has founded multiple successful companies and has made it a point to create what he often refers to as a “work flow”.

Everything from the design of the office used for collaboration, as well as tumultuous experiences have all contributed to the journey of entrepreneurship for Sparks. Sparks shares his own story in his book, They Can’t Eat You. Sparks encouraged entrepreneurs to not cut corners and to focus on excellence in their business.

Sparks has had his fair share of disappointments, failed business attempts, and he also knows the mental focus required to be a successful entrepreneur.

Sparks helps entrepreneurs through his firm Timber Creek Capital, LP, but he also teaches that it’s important to give back through his Sparkey’s Kids. This organization is designed to give 1,000 laptops away to at-risk children across the country to encourage their love of learning.