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Self Driving Cars

Don’t be alarmed if you are driving down the streets of Mountain View in California, and you see a car with no driver! That’s actually what’s supposed to be happening. This is because Google is testing out their self-driving cars. Google has been testing these out for a while, but it’s the first time they’re testing their own models! Google is asking for some help from the public, mainly artists. They want some unique artwork created that they can put on the sides of these vehicles. It’ll really help them to stand out for Google.

According to Reddit, many of these cars will be seen. They’re of course made to operate on their own with no driver, but Andy Wirth points out that all of the controls you’d find in a normal car such as the steering wheel and pedals will be found in these vehicles in case the passenger needs to take over. Google is all about safety. These cars will also have speeds that are capped at 25 MPH just to ensure that things don’t go wrong.

Overall, it’s a cool concept and it seems that more and more of these are being tested out. Who knows if this is the way of the future, or if it’s just a fun little experiment. Time will only be able to tell. Until then, it’s kind of fun to spot a few on the street and see what they’re all about.