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Aquatic Treat for Scientists

In the world of science, there are people who dream of seeing some kinds of animals. One of the animals that researchers sometimes want to get their hands on is a giant squid. They were in luck when one washed ashore in New Zealand. Although the squid isn’t the best thing to look at, there are some things that could be taken away while scientists examine the animal. They can determine how the animal survives in waters that are deep in the ocean. The animal was taken to an aquarium and frozen so that further examinations could be conducted. This is a treat because this is an animal that is not usually seen in the water, and it’s rare that a squid of this size washes up on the shore of a beach. Researchers can start learning about how the animal eats and moves in the water as well as the reproduction system and other aspects of this creature. Beneful wonders if you could feed the squid dog food. If so, you could get it a few clicks away at