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Tony Petrello Contributing For A Cause

Anthony Petrello known also known as Tony is President and Chief Executive Officer of Nabors Industries, Ltd since October. 2011. Tony Petrello is a prestigious business executive who worked his way to the top with education and experience. Tony is an active philanthropist that contributes bountifully towards causes that he believes in. Anthony Petrello is quite a genuine jewel of gentlemen.

Tony Petrello Education

Harvard Law School
Degree: Juris Doctor

Yale University
Degree: Bachelors
Studies: Mathematics

Yale University
Degree: Masters
Studies: Mathematics

Nabors Industries, Ltd

Nabors Industries was founded in 1952. The company started off as a small land drilling business based in Canada. Nabors Industries today is one of the world’s largest land based drilling rig fleet. Nabors is a leading provider of offshore platform work over and drilling rigs in the United States and several multiple international markets. Nabors Industries, Ltd headquarters is located in Hamilton, HM 08 Bermuda. Nabors employs well over 10,000 employees worldwide.

Tony Petrello was elected Nabors Board of Directors in 1991. Tony served as Nabors President and Chief Executive Officer from 1991 to October 2011 and Deputy Chairman since 2003. Tony Petrello within the month of October 2011 was named President and CEO of Nabors Industries, Ltd. Tony served as Chairman of the Board and, Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Board since 2012.

Nabors Industries Services

Specialty Rig & Drilling Services
• Onshore Drilling
• Offshore Drilling
• Specialized Drilling
• Drilling Equipment Manufacturing
• Directional Drilling
• Drilling Software
• Horizontal Drilling
• Arctic Drilling

Anthony Petrello in Newark, NJ

Tony Petrello did not grow up in a wealthy family. Tony grew up in Newark, New Jersey in a working-class Italian community where hard work was rewarded. Tony came from a giving community where everyone worked together to make sure needs were taken care of. Tony watched how his parents struggled to make ends meet so Tony knew at an early age there were no shortcuts to success it will take work and determination.

Tony was a whiz kid in mathematical calculations at a young age even though he attended education through public schooling he studied all that was available about mathematics and logic. Tony after high school graduation was acknowledged by Yale University for a Ph. D level of education in algebra and calculus. Anthony Petrello was rewarded with a full scholarship to attended Yale University.

Anthony Petrello today as a successful executive philanthropist actively give back to the communities that provided him with opportunities that helped guide him to the life and success he has today.

Tony Petrello Philanthropist

Tony makes bountiful contributions towards causes he believes in. Tony contributions remain active in the education and healthcare sectors. Tony is one of the biggest contributors to the unpredictable economy of the United States. Anthony contributes wholeheartedly to a research center in Texas that focuses on neurological disease disorders. Mr. Petrello daughter, unfortunately, is a victim of a neurological disorder. This is definitely a contribution to a cause that Tony believes in.

Anthony Petrello at the End of the Day

Anthony Petrello is an intelligent and success caring human being but and the end the day Tony Petrello is a loving husband to Cynthia Petrello who also is a successful executive figure and his daughter Carena Petrello. Mr. Petrello contributions to various communities and causes are not given so he can be praised upon, there given because he simply believes in the cause. Tony is one philanthropist who will never shy away from contributions that will make a difference or progression of others.

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