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George Soros On Syrian Refugee Crisis in Europe

George Soros is a renowned investment mogul from Hungary. His hedge fund, Soros Fund Management has managed to keep him among the investment heavyweights of our time. His interest in political activism dates back to 1996 when he began funding progressive programs that target immigration policy reform among other ventures. Below we present Soros’ informed contribution to the current asylum crisis in Europe. The full article can be found on MarketWatch.

The asylum chaos has transformed the increasing influx of refugees in the European Union from a manageable problem to one of its many political crisis. The first step towards resolution is for the EU to accept that it is to blame for the lack of a common asylum policy.

The member states have all focused on their individual interests with no concern for the interests of other states. This has resulted in a panic among those seeking asylum, the authorities responsible for law and order and the general public. The main victims of this chaos have been the asylum-seekers.

The solution to this chaos starts with a comprehensive plan by the EU that extends beyond the EU’s borders. This plan would reassert the EU’s effective governance of the flow of asylum seekers so that this happens in an orderly and safe manner. Furthermore, the pace of this flow must reflect the capacity of Europe, as a whole, to absorb the refugees.

This plan must be accompanied by a global response that involves member states of the United Nations under the United Nation’s authority. This will reduce European States’ burden of the Syrian crisis by distributing this burden over a larger number of states across the world. This strategy would also help establish global standards to be used when dealing with issues of forced migration and refugees.

The comprehensive plan would include the following six components:

 The EU must share the burden of accepting asylum seekers fairly so that it can accept a minimum of 1million per year for the foreseeable future. Therefore, for the first two years, the EU must provide 15,000 euros per asylum seekers as an incentive for member states to accept the refugees.

 The EU must make an annual contribution of 8-10 billion euros to countries in the frontline of solving this asylum crisis. The balance of this funding would come from the United States and the rest of the world, as part of the bonds issued to support these refugees.

 The EU must establish an EU Asylum and Migration Agency as well as a single EU Border Guard. This new agency would serve many purposes among which is to streamline procedures.

 Safe channels must be set up to get these refugees to their destination states and reduce panic. This would require the establishment of processing centers that require negotiations with frontline states and the UN Refugee Agency.

 The EU’s financial and operational arrangements must be used to institute global standards for treatment of these migrants.

 The EU must mobilize the private sector to act as sponsors.

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