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Purina PetCare Leading the Way on Improvements to Work Environment

Pet owners across the country are becoming excited at the prospect of bring able to bring their pets to work. What started out as an annual event by Purina PetCare has turned into something that could have a long-lasting positive effect on more than just pets and their owners. The Purina company is hoping that by hosting the annual Bring Your Pet to Work event, it sheds light on an issue that has far reaching benefits for everyone in a particular community. This event has been growing in popularity each year, and record numbers this year are a direct result of some of these amazing statistics.

The benefits for the pets themselves is limitless according to Purina news. Many of these animals are left home either in crates or to wander the house alone for sometimes eight or more hours each work day. These pets suffer separation anxiety the minute their owner walks out the door. These pets are also not getting adequate exercise laying around on the floor all day and night. They do not develop that demeanor that is healthy for a longer life, having to spend the majority of their days alone and without any type of interaction at all. The Purina PetCare company recognizes this issue and understands bringing the pets to work instantly eliminates that separation anxiety. The pets also get to interact with their owners during the day, and when the owner takes their lunch break, they get some well deserved exercise in the form of walks and play time.

Now the benefits for the owners of these pets is even more apparent. No longer is the pet owner nervous and anxious about their loved one stuck home alone all day. They can not only breathe a sign of relief, they can see and interact with their pet during the work day now. This puts the pet owner in a much better mood, and allows them to focus more on the job at hand. They too will benefit from walks with their pets or play time, getting much needed exercise and getting up and out of that office chair for a little time each afternoon. The benefits to the body and the mind are extremely powerful and long-lasting.

Purina PetCare company has found in studies that the benefits do not stop here. The company owners that participate in the Purina PetCare pet to work programs are noticing that their bottom line is taking a turn for the better too. With employees more focused on work, they are also able to enjoy the job too, which spills over to the customers who interact with these employees. While this program might not be for every business, Purina PetCare has put together a package that explains in detail how these businesses can slowly implement the program into the business and reap all the positive benefits too.