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Rocketship Education is Propelling Students Forward

Rocketship Education was founded in 2007 with the objective of, eliminating the achievement gap. The students or “Rocketeers” that Rocketship Education serves are mostly low income and come from areas where access to a quality is limited. A non-profit charter school Rocketship Education currently has 18 schools in three regions: The Bay Area, Milwaukee, Nashville and Washington D.C. and covers grades kindergarten through five.

The personalized education approach that Rocketship Education utilizes to make better students is also used to make a better faculty. Teachers are assigned teaching coaches. The coaches use what is know as the I.C.E. approach or intensive coaching experience. The sole focus of I.C.E. is to build teaching skills. Rocketship Education strives to create an environment that instills faculty with a desire to grow as educators. Encouragement in this area takes the form of recognition of a teacher’s achievements however great or small.

We all learn at our own pace and we all bring a unique set of skills advantages and disadvantages to the learning process. Rocketship Education offers its Rocketeers a learning experience that is custom made for the individual student. A “blended learning model” mixes traditional educational methods with technology and tutoring so that they all work together like the ingredients in a recipe. Rocketship Education’s Rocketeers are a full grade level ahead of their peers.

No approach to education, however, innovative can succeed without parental involvement. Rocketship Education fosters the involvement of Rocketeers’ parents and guardians by encouraging them to ask questions and provide input. Just as Rocketship Education coaches its teachers it also coaches parents to show them how to positively impact their child’s education.

Parents/guardians are shown how to be leaders at home by helping their Rocketeer with homework while running the home and serving as a positive role model. Within the school parents/guardians are encouraged to have a hand in planning school events lead community meetings to act as advocates for their child and even take part in teacher and leader interviews.

Do Rocketship’s methods work? Ninety-percent of Rocketeers opts to return when the next school year starts.