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The Leading Brand in Coffee

When consumers craving coffee want a nice cup of joe, the new leading brand to turn to is the Bulletproof Coffee brand. Known for the innovation and respected for being of high quality, this new brand has made headlines. Consumers now turn away from the mainstream brands and are trying this new and upgraded version of coffee. This coffee, created by Dave Asprey was made with the intention of introducing a delicious yet healthy morning option. Actresses like Shailene Wood and Maya Rudolph have even testified in public that the Bulletproof Coffee brand is what they drink in the morning to bring some clarity to their morning haze.

What makes Bulletproof Coffee so popular and innovative is the use of grass-fed butter. The butter in the coffee creates a rich and creamy texture that is the perfect substitute for artificial cream. This coffee is not only better but it is also extremely healthy. When the consumer drinks this cup of coffee, all the good fats that help burn calories are washed down.

The coffee brand is even a better and much healthier alternative to Starbucks. When you walk into Starbucks and order a 200 calorie latte with a 700 calorie muffin, you have just ordered a close to 1,000 calorie meal. This 900 calorie breakfast will leave you both hungry and unsatisfied when consumed. Bulletproof Coffee, however is a healthier option because of the healthy fats that are put into the body through the butter. This coffee, at 460 calories, will leave you both satisfied and full until it is time for your next meal ad lunch time.

What makes this the brand to choose are not only the healthy positives but also the fact that so much care and effort is put into growing the beans. suggests that these beans are grown on their own plot in Central America. The beans are grown in such a way that avoids both the fermentation process or the sunlight that will cause harmful chemicals to be added to the beans. The beans, when ready, are harvested by local harvesters who are professionals.

The beans are then transported to the roaster. Dave Asprey is proud to say that the roaster used it the number one roaster in the USA. This, though more expensive is to ensure that all the delicious flavors of coffee are present in that first sip of coffee. The Bulletproof Coffee brand is not only the brand to try because of the flavor but also because of the care that went into creating it.