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Rubica “Personal Cyber Security”

Both businesses and consumers are starting to ask why cyber security is important more frequently. While the answer is seemingly simple enough, anyone that uses technology today needs to be well informed about personal cyber security to be best prepared and defended in instances of cyber attacks.
Cyber Attacks are on the rise and result in persistent, increasing damage to government, companies, and individuals. Aptly named, the ‘WannaCry’ cyber attacks occurred in May 2017 where ransomware was inscribed on close to 300,000 computers and was labeled the largest cyber assault of its kind. Both business owners and individuals need to implement strict personal cyber security measures to ensure personal data and company files remain safe and secure.
Damaging Cyber Attacks
When you’ve been personally hacked, cyber assaults can cause great financial loss, security breaches, and damage to reputation for yourself or your business. Cyber attacks between 2013-2015 have been recorded to quadruple in numbers with estimated damage costs recorded to be between $400 million to $500 million. Annual costs of cyber threats are projected to rise to $6 trillion by 2021. Cyber security attacks are rapidly increasing in severity and becoming increasingly more destructive. With figures this disturbing, one needs to look at how they can best defend themselves in the instance of a cyber assault.
Defense Against Cyber Attacks
When you have experienced the damaging onslaught of a cyber assault, you know you need the best in cyber defense to prevent any further damages and situations from arising. Rubica cyber security team can assist you whether you are an individual, company or government department seeking the best optimal defense against potential devastating hacking.
Rubica provides an elite team of experienced cyber defense professionals to optimize your personal cyber security to keep your network private and safe. If you are looking for top range cyber defense by dedicated, trusted professionals give Rubica cyber defense team a contact today to discuss your security needs.