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Trend Setting Shoes for Men

When it comes a man’s appearance, one of the first thing that is noticed besides his face are his shoes. Ideally speaking, for some people it can be a deal breaker if a man’s “shoe game” is not up to par and for others, he can be given a pass because they know there are still some options out there. The latest trends on the market for men italian shoes these days have been phenomenal and have opened the door for men to not only look stunning, but also live up to their “manly” ways.

Tim’s (Timberland)
To start out, Tim’s also known as Timberlands have been one of the most popular style of boots a man can have in his possession. No matter what age group you fall under, Timberlands enable a man to look irresistible in a pair of blue denim jeans he would wear to work or a pair of plaid shorts he’d wear on his day off. These six inch boots are fairly easy to walk in and are great for chopping wood or maneuvering through tough elements. They offer so much versatility that no man could ever pass up.

The Taylor Sneaker
Another fan favorite on the market is known as the Taylor Sneaker. These bad boys speak for themselves because they can honestly make any shoe rack look good. They have nice leather laces that are tucked and a smooth material lining the shoe. They are easy to slip on and off without any hassle, and despite the fact that you could walk heavy and potentially ruin your shoes, the Taylor Sneaker was to be made very durable.

Owner and creator of Handcrafted Shoes and Boots, Paul Evans, knew just what they were doing when they launched their shoe line. They have an understanding of the importance of shoes for men and their main goal is to provide nothing short of a quality shoe brand. They are highly respected by their clients and judging by their products and all the hard work put into their collection to make men experience quality shoes, has allowed them to accomplish their objective.

Ultimately, a shoe speaks more than a thousand words and so does having fashion sense. These trendy shoes give men high confidence in their appearance and allows them to have faith in a company like Paul Evans because they know they have their best interest at heart.