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The CTCA’s Clinical Pathways to Completely Revolutionize Cancer Treatment and Care

The Cancer Treatment Centers of America (CTCA), in partnership with AllScripts and NantHealth, Inc., is implementing Clinical Pathways, a new healthcare solution to aid in the treatment and care of cancer patients. NantHealth is a company that focuses on theimprovement of personalized healthcare services to facilitate more effectual treatments for cancer and other serious diseases. AllScripts is an IT solutions service provider for healthcare facilities.

Clinical Pathways makes use of eviti, a development of NantHealth that helps oncologists to assess costs and outcomes of various treatment options in order to know which option is the best and most affordable for a certain patient. It also makes use of AllScripts’ Sunrise electronic health record. This will greatly improve cancer treatment and care.

About Cancer Treatment Centers of America

The Cancer Treatment Centers of America Global, Inc. (CTCA) is a group of five hospitals in Tulsa, Chicago, Philadelphia, Atlanta and Phoenix that caters to adult cancer patients. All the hospitals have state-of-the-art facilities and expert oncologists and caregivers to provide patients with the highest-quality treatment and care. The CTCA has been in operation for almost 3 decades. Its headquarters are in Boca Raton, Florida but it treats patients from all over the world.

As stated on Wikipedia, the CTCA’s approach to cancer treatment is what sets it apart from other cancer treatment centers as it uses the latest technology in both testing for cancer and treatment. This ensures that patients get the right diagnosis and the most effective treatment. They also provide emotional and physical support for cancer patients during treatment to make their experience more bearable.


With this innovative platform, cancer patients can receive better treatment and care as there will be no more guesswork involved in choosing treatment options. Treatment regimens will be chosen carefully with the patient’s situation in mind. Things like type of cancer, medical history, and financial background will all be taken into account when deciding which treatment regimen is the best for a particular patient.

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Josh Verne Speaks On Podcasts About Success

Josh Verne is someone who has lived life and made a lot of decisions. He has experimented with different approaches. He has learned that it is better to take risks and avoid trying to play it safe. For one thing, people that play it safe often miss out on life. They end up finding themselves in a place filled with regret and bitterness. They also find themselves more prone to causing problems because they don’t want others to experience the joy and the success that they themselves missed. Josh Verne could’ve wound up like the others, but he has sought out the type of life that he wanted and he believed in.


Josh Verne is someone who has started plenty of businesses. When he has become successful with his business, he has seen the advantage that comes with the success. However, business success is its own lesson that people should learn. Josh Verne himself has learned a lot about being a leader when it comes to running a business. These are lessons that he was glad to have learned, and he is willing to share them with people so that they can maximize their successes when they get out there and pursue their dreams of business success.


Josh Verne has taken his lessons and has gone on to speak in podcasts for people to listen in on. This allows people to know what it takes to run a successful business. For one thing, Josh Verne has a lot of experience in running a lot of successful businesses. Therefore, he knows the procedure of making sure that all of his businesses that he starts bring in a return on all of the investment that is made into the business.


Josh Verne is one of the people who have a lot of joy in their hearts because he has lived a fulfilling life. He did not just settle for less. He understood the type of culture he lived in. Like other aspiring entrepreneurs, he has overcome a lot of obstacles. This is perhaps one of the defining aspects of his success. He is willing to share it with others.

Eric Pulier’s CSC Wins Contract for FAA Cloud Services

In its role as a global technological leader, Computer Sciences Corporation is ramping up its work in the private sector with diversified solutions in information technologies. CSC was founded at Falls Church Virginia in 1957, and is well-known for its pubic sector work with NASA since 1961. Now CSC is partnering with private financial institutions to improve employment opportunities for the disabled. CSC has over es over 72,000 employees throughout the world in 70 counries, and an annual revenue of over $13 billion dollars. CSC manages IT services for the Department of Justice, Homeland Security and the CIA. It is the only major vendor of hardware independent services left in the United States, and it ranks as eighth largest provider of software in the world.

In August, CSC won a $100 million dollar contract for cloud services with the Federal Aviation Administration. Under the terms of the new contract, CSC will consolidate and migrate FAA data and data centers to a hybrid cloud platform. CSC will introduce its Agility Platform, a cloud management tool, to streamline and increase efficiency. CSC will build on its experience with partners to structure programs and enhance security. The new processes customized for the FAA will reduce over all costs of IT operations and management. According to a CSC spokeswoman, the government is rapidly changing over to cloud technology, and with the CSC security programs such as AWS and SRG, CSC will fast-track the cloud advantages of savings and flexibility to the FAA.

CSA’s leadership in cloud technology is the result of vice-president and general manager Eric Pulier’s leadership during the initial transition to cloud environments. His program IT-as-a-Service raised productivity, lowered costs and for both public and private organizations by making use of internal and external providers. Mr. Pulier is an American author and entrepreneur, and a graduate of Harvard University and MIT. His book “Understanding Enterprise SOA” is key in laying the ground work to service-oriented architecture. Mr. Pulier is the founder of Desktone and Media Platform and other IT endeavors. He is also known for his work with the camp for chronically ill children the Painted Turtle Foundation.

Bonar’s Skills in Financial Markets

The word has changed and it has become a great economy with different players from all over the world trying to get the best out the ensuing opportunities. This is what has led to the development of a great system of financial markets and a great demand for financial products. In financial trade, the main products on sell are hedges, shares, equities, among other securities. As such, it becomes a bot complex dealing in this market than it is dealing in other markets. As a result, there has been a growing demand for financial experts to help investors in their decision making process especially in investments in the financial markets.

Brian Bonar is one of the best financial experts in the entire globe and his business acumen speaks for him. He has been involved in the development of major financial policies that have shaped the world’s economic platform. He has been very instrumental in the development of financial strategies for governments and he has helped avert great loss of federal funds in the process. As a result, he has become a renowned investor in the business world getting good ratings from players in the industry and across the board. Bonar is one of the greatest investor and his skills in investing are drawn from his years of experience in the field.

He has actively involved in the financial markets for over 30 years and his experience is unmatched compared to other financial advisors. Having been in the trade for this long, Bonar has accumulated enough experience to be in a position to know the nitty-gritties of the financial trade. This knowledge has accorded him great admiration in the business world and he has been able to make a name for himself in the industry. However, he has largely specialized in hedges and most of his transactions are based on hedges. However, he is also a phenomenon force in the area acquisitions and mergers where he has been very proficient.

The most amazing aspect of Bonar’s career is the fact that he has not been trained as a business professional. The information and skills he has he has gathered from his experience in the corporate world. He is a trained engineer and he has academic qualifications to show for it. However, he deserted his trained field to venture into business which seems to be his new found business accolade. He has a bachelor’s degree in technical engineering. This qualifications are quite admirable and they have given him the opportunity to work in great companies where he gained great business skills. Bonar has not been only propelled in the business world for advising other investors, but also by leading by example and investing with great success in his businesses.

Keeping The Successes Coming In Life

Brian Bonar is a man that is known all around the world as a very successful entrepreneur and director. Brian Bonar started out his educational career in the UK. He studied at the University of Strathclyde and later on he went on to study at the Staffordshire University. While studying there he attained his masters degree in business administration. Later he went on to study at the data for Shire University in England and he was able to achieve his PhD. Brian Bonner is a man that realizes the importance of a good education. He wanted to be able to get the competitive edge when it came to his business dealings, and also he wanted to have the highest professional level to be able to truly accomplish his goals and to attain the positions that he wanted in life.

Brian Bonar worked in many different sectors of many different companies in the United States, Asia, and Europe. He was the chief operating officer in a financial group right after college and later on he was promoted to chief accounting officer in that very same company. Apart from that he has worked in some of the most high ranking companies both in the United States and Europe. For 18 years of his life he worked for IBM both in Europe and Asia and later on he went to other public and private companies. Currently Dr. Brian Bonar serves as the CEO, CFO, and president of Trucepts Incorporated. Trucepts is a company that manages workforce costs for different companies. It basically serves as the human resources for small businesses because many small businesses find it difficult to manage their own workforce costs, and because of that Trucepts provides some of the most affordable, outsourced human resources. They are able to help different companies with things such as payroll, employee benefits, and much more. Trucepts was the brainchild of Brian Bonar, and it is a company that serves many other businesses and it is very successful.

Brian Bonar also studied mechanical engineering, and he was able to implement his business knowledge along with his mechanical engineering knowledge to help him form Trucepts and to keep the company alive and running. Brian was able to to make about $860,000 in total compensation when it came to TRUCEPT Inc, and he received about $350,000 as his final payment. The amount that was left over was 500,000 and that came from different compensation that he received through his work. Brian is truly a man that has worked hard to achieve much, and he has led a very successful life.

Former Hedge Fund Manager Now A Serious Art Collector

Collector Adam Sender is planning on selling off a number of pieces in his extensive art collection. The former hedge fund manager has amassed over 400 works from 139 artist. After a stint at Steven A. Cohen Capital Advisers, Sender started his own firm, Exis Capital Management Inc. It was there when he started collecting art by Richard Prince, Cindy Sherman and Dan Flavin.

Sender’s works will be sold over an 18-month period beginning this May. According to some experts, he could net anywhere between $70-$80 million for all pieces. “I could never have envisioned the passion I would have for collecting art,” says Sender. Over the years, he has collected a number of controversial works such as Cindy Sherman’s “Untitled 91,” which was purchased in 1998 for $2 million.

Sender continued to buy many masterpieces over the years. He states that some of the best works by Andy Warhol were well out of his price range. He preferred to stick with works in the $150,000 to $200,000 range. He is also partial to more seasoned artists as opposed to ones fresh out of art school.

Three years ago, Sender put on a contemporary art exhibition at his North Miami home. “Home Alone” was a dig at the house, which Sender changed his mine about and moved out of within days of purchasing it. The 5,000 square foot home is the ideal place to put on the exhibition because of the massive amount of space.

Sender will still have a significant number of pieces left even after the sale. He still plans to loan certain works to Southey’s and other prestigious museums. Sender says he will continue to collect for the time being. The recent closing of his company has freed him up a lot of time to look around.

QNet Expands its Global Reach with Soccer Partnership

When Vijay Eswaran founded the QNet group in 1998 he had spent many months and years seeking out the education and work experience he felt would make his business options as full and rewarding as possible. The QNet group has now seen its profile across Asia bring a major marketing partner on board with the three year linkup with English soccer champions Manchester City FC, which will see QNet become the sole direct selling business partner of the club. The link between the two clubs will extend far beyond the simple reach of a business partnership and will instead see the two businesses partner in a series of community based options across the Middle East and Africa.

The global reach of the English Premier League has recently seen many clubs look to extend their reach into developing areas of the planet, but QNet and Manchester City are now looking to develop into new areas hand in hand. Officials from Manchester City revealed the club are hoping to extend into various areas of Africa and the Middle East, which is also one of the major areas highlighted by QNet as a major area of growth in the coming years. QNet has already developed a major following across many areas of Asia, including its home in Malaysia and a fast growing group of multi level marketing professionals in India.

Other areas are also being seen as important in the link between the two organizations. QNet founder Vijay Eswaran believes the community based links that exist between Manchester City and the local community are similar to those that exist between QNet and the people of Malaysia. QNet’s RHYTHM Foundation for underprivileged children will benefit from the link with Manchester City as a detailed sports program of soccer coaching and skills training will take place throughout the areas the charitable organization has been established.

Eric Pulier Still Holds Sway In IT Industry

Eric Pulier’s involvement in technology goes back to his childhood. The current CEO of Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC) has always loved technology and how he could use it to make a better world. By his teen years, he knew more about computer programming than people who had been doing it all their lives. Over the years, he honed those skills and is now one of the most respected young tech experts in the business.

After graduating from Harvard University, Pulier made his way to Los Angeles. Within 10 years, he had already started 3 successful companies: People Doing Things, Starbright World and Digital Evolution. People began to stand up and take notice of Pulier’s technology skills. As word got around, his expertise was in high demand.

Pulier has worked for a number of private and governmental agencies. He has sat of the boards of many companies both in the U.S. and abroad. During the 1990s, Pulier was invited to sit on Vice President Al Gore’s technology forum. He also led the creation of the Washington Mall technology exhibit, “21st Century Road to Technology.”

Pulier is also the former CEO of Service Mesh, a software company that provides solutions to software technology. He was named CEO of Computer Service Corporation in 2008. During his tenure, the corporation has seen some of its best quarters in years. Under Pulier’s tenure, the company has secured its position as the government’s number one IT provider. Pulier says he is elated with all of the strides the company has made and hopes that the success will continue for years to come.

Pulier provides his expertise to many organizations. He sits on the board of X-Prize. A foundation that focuses on technology innovations. He is also a contributor to the Painted Turtle, an organization devoted to helping children with life-threatening illnesses.

Crucial Information about QNet Direct Selling Company

QNet is a Hong Kong-based, direct selling firm which is owned by the QI Group. The company offers important products in diverse markets consequently providing countless opportunities on their eCommerce platform daily to thousands of people in over 100 countries globally. The firm sells an assortment of products including luxury goods, energy, nutrition, weight management, personal care, home care and fashion accessories. Vijay Eswaran founded the firm in 1998 in Hong Kong, China. It advertises its products on its website, using claims. Mr. Eswaran serves as the firm’s motivational speaker to dealers selling QNet products. He holds sessions that feature dry ice, lasers and pyrotechnics.

Marketing Strategies

The firm’s marketing approach follows a multi-level marketing and direct selling model. The approaches are dependent on independent company representatives to refer its products to customers and ultimately receive compensation that is based on the total sales volume of their referrals. The sale volumes of the other independent representatives of the company in their teams are set in a binary style. The company also employs an aggressive campaign in newspapers adverts and lawsuits to counter those who malign it. QNet has offices in Asian countries such as United Arab Emirates, Indonesia, Philippines, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam. It also has franchise companies in Turkey and India and has previously operated in other countries including Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Rwanda and Cote d’Ivoire. QNet’s grass-roots operation model enables all people from diverse walks of lives to start their enterprises with minimal overhead. With determination and dedication, QNet distributors also known as Independent Representatives have a golden opportunity to become economically strong. This elevates their family’s standards of life as well of that of their entire communities.

QNet’s Driving Principles

Two principle philosophies drive Qnet; Inservice and Raise Yourself to Help Mankind (RHYTHM). The company founders are strongly inspired by the legacy of the legendary Mahatma Magadhi. The teachings of this legend laid the foundation of RHYTHM. The company believes in empowering people for it to succeed. Its management also believes that serving other people with humility is the sincere character of a leader. The company reckons that people are its greatest assets. Hence, it is dedicated to giving its IRs education and the tools they require to strengthen their comprehension of its products as well as its business model. The company is always engaged in developing the IRs on a personal level. At QNet, ethnic and cultural diversity is proudly celebrated. Its managerial staff is hired from over 30 countries while its customers are from over 100 countries. To exploit the opportunities offered by QNet, you can download the QNet Tools App from the App Store of Apple devices to access all QNet online publications. The publications include; Company Profile, Product Portfolio and Business Planner.

Contemporary Art At It’s Best

Issues circulating around AIDS awareness, feminism, multiculturalism, and globalization create well written articles in magazines and well spoken new reports. But another way issues such as these are brought to the world’s forefront is through contemporary art. Many artist use issues such as these to creative vivid imagination of how these issues can be solved. They use high streams of colors and bold textures that will create an atmosphere of finding a solution. With contemporary art plastics and paints are used to simulate the motive of each art piece.

One artist that has executed contemporary art to its best includes Adam Sender. He is the art collector founder of Exis Capital Management. Over two decades, he has creative a large volume of contemporary art by captivating his audience with his diverse collection. Among his stylistic artwork, his work includes the controversial 1981 photograph of Cindy Sherman called Black sheets. Describing Black Sheets as a time dazed creation involving the women pulling the sheets tightly over herself where it looks as if she is ashamed of may have just happened to her in the scene. Within that photograph, his work encompassed her beauty and mystery with a pose that was so simple.

His great works has been collected by many museums that showcase his great artwork. Before beginning his career with Exis, he was among the cutting edge generation of hedge fund managers to collect contemporary art. His work also includes collecting over 800 pieces since 1998, having a taste for challenging pieces, and having an inclination for certain artists. Over the years, he has sold and brought, including his auctions that has produced prices far above imagination. While enjoying life in his 8.1 million dollar penthouse, his works and many collections continuously speak for themselves. Collecting and creating strange, but yet beautiful masterpieces has been a great accomplishment of Adam Sender.