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Robots Soon to Take Over These Three White Collar Jobs

The age of electronics we live in has brought us many positive advances that make our everyday life much easier than that of our grandparents. After all, where would we be without our cell phones, computers, GPS systems or even our automatic garage door openers?
Those same electronic advances made it possible for the development of robots that can perform repetitive tasks in the job market too, like those in the auto industry and the little round Roomba robot in our home that vacuums the floor.
It was only a matter of time before those robots that perform menial, repetitive tasks advanced into more intelligent positions in the work world and began to perform white collar jobs. The motor skills are available, the artificial intelligence is available, the demand is there, it was just a matter of time before robots entered the white collar work environment.
The three jobs that robots are poised to soon start taking over are legal assistant, pharmacy helper and journalist.
Entry level jobs in the legal field, such as legal assistants or paralegals, involve a lot of document review. Robots are already doing that algorithmically using artificial intelligence.
Much of a pharmacists work involves repetition. Counting pills and placing them in a bottle. Robots can do that, freeing up some of the pharmacist’s time to spend on patient care.
The teams at TechCrunch and Skout know most people find it hard to imagine a robot writing an original story, but some of what we already read was not written by a human journalist, but by an artificially intelligent robot.