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Whitney Wolfe Herd Sets New Standard in Dating App Community

Whitney Wolfe Herd is making it possible for more people to embrace the dating app community. She is someone that has made a great change when it comes to dating apps with allowing the woman to make the first move. This is unprecedented when it comes to dating apps, and it appears that more people are going to be interested in this type of dating app environment because it breaks away from the old traditions. Some people might say that Whitney Wolfe Herd is actually creating a new standard when it comes to dating. She wants to do so many different things in the dating app world, and Bumble is a great start for Whitney to make a change.

When it comes to the Bumble dating app Whitney Wolfe Herd has actually made a great amount of changes because she wants people to be proactive. Whitney Wolfe Herd did not want to create the type of dating app where people would simply sit around and build profiles that they were not going to use. Instead, Whitney Wolfe Herd was more interested in creating the type of dating app environment where people would bring forth a whole new type of energy where they stay connected to the dating app. She wanted people to be responsive when they received a match. This is why she created the 24 hour time frame where a response would have to be made once the match was made and more

Whitney Wolfe Herd has done a great job when it comes to creating a dating app that is different from what the competition has in store. She also expanded Bumble by creating an app environment where people were going to have opportunities to make friends and make network connections even if they were not interested in dating. This is why Bumble cannot be categorized as a dating app alone. This app has become much more than that, and it is evident that Whitney Wolfe Herd is going to do some great things with this app that has evolved into a social media app that covers multiple bases.

Wolfe is the entrepreneur that takes app development to a new level by taking more risks. She knew that she was creating the type of dating app that would be different from what people were used to, but she took a risk and succeeded. Now she is expanding to other areas of social media and taking more risks.