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Fine Wines Are A Solid Investment And UKV PLC Has The Wine And Advice To Help You Begin

Fine wine has the right dynamic to make an excellent investment. As wine ages the desirability increases and provides satisfying returns for many years. Even in times of uncertain economies wine has outperformed gold, art and stocks. More money is currently being invested in wine than classic cars due to the twelve to fifteen percent rate of return for more info: click here.

Once a rare vintage of wine has been consumed it can’t be replaced making it a finite stock. As the supply diminishes the value appreciates. Premier vineyards all over the world are consistently harvesting new grapes making the chain of supply and demand infinite. Trading frenzies for wine have been triggered all over the globe. Wine consumption and investments have increased in Russia, Brazil, China and India. Affluent Chinese have a passion for red wine and they purchased 1.8 billion bottles in 2013. China has become the new leader in the world market.

The best way to start a collection is with advice from a professional consultant in industry. UKV PLC is an excellent choice for advice regarding fine wines. Most experts agree it is better to purchase a case of a rare, fine wine than several cases wine of a lesser quality. An investment of 10,000 pounds is highly recommended.

UKV PLC is an extremely highly respected wine brokerage located in the United Kingdom. Their professionals are knowledgeable and respected in the industry. They oversee wine acquisitions and sell some of the finest wine available anywhere in the world to investors. UKV PLC prestigious labels available from all over the world including the best vineyards in Italy, France and Spain. They have represented the Champagne region exceptionally well.

UKV PLC provides their clients with outstanding service. A consultant from UKV PLC will arrange a meeting at their home office, their London office or even in the peace and comfort of your home.

Once you are a client you will have a consultant dedicated to keeping you advised on all of the markets current trends. The time is right to start your investment in fine wines and UKV PLC is there to help.

Best Wines To Serve With Indian Dishes

There are many fine Indian Restaurants in Chicago which are now attracting tourists and long standing American generations. Then there it is always great to have a glass or two of fine wine with the Indian cuisine. When ordering curries, a fruity wine would be good. Wines like cherry flavored in Sangrias and Chardonnay is also good.

For a “daily” type Indian meal like chappati, daal, subzi, bhindi, etc., any types of beers can go well with this type of dish. Any lamb or mutton dish can handle red wines. What would be highly recommended is to match the dishes from Indian cuisine to the wines made and distributed by Antique Wine Company.

Antique Wine Company has now gone International since they have business in over 70 countries. It is not just wine drinkers who buy from this company but those who are sommeliers. This company has been in business since the early 1980s and they carry many vintage wines as well as newly made wines. The most expensive bottle was sold to a former sommelier for over 150,000.00 US dollars. This was the Chateau d’Yquem made and bottled in 1811 and it is a sweet red wine. These types of wines can last for over a century.

This type of wine would be every type of Indian food lover’s dream since much of Indian cuisine is served with red wines. One of the factors to consider when matching the wines with Indian cuisine is to see which spices would match with the wines. Example would be white wines with fennel seeds. Therefore, bhindi would match good with white wines since fennel seeds are used in cooking Indian style bhindi. Champagne would match good with ginger and ginger is used quite a bit in Indian cooking. 

Champagne is also great for aloo dishes. Main point is to enjoy all the fine wines with the fine cuisine of India.