Chris Linkas: Investment Is A Preserve Of Those Who Start Early

Youths should start investing early. According to Chris Linkas, by saving a little amount from what they earn regularly, they have a positive future. This little money should be put into a profitable investment.

Financial investments are subject to the law of compounding. If you reinvest your profits into your investment, it will grow exponentially with time. The profits will continue increasing each time you invest them back; therefore, your overall investment continues to grow (

Higher risk ventures have higher profit margins. Young people should invest in high-risk portfolios because they earn more. Chris Linkas is an investment mogul with a rich career in the financial sector.

Chris advises those in their 20s to invest in portfolios that are more volatile because they will have higher gains, and should they fail, they still have the time advantage.

For investors to be successful, they have to invest more than money. Profitable investing requires a lot of time. A successful investor must take time to learn how the market works, which may take years. Young people have a lot of time to learn what works and what doesn’t.

Those in their 20s should use technology to their advantage. The internet provides opportunities for performing an analysis of the market. It also provides a platform on which investors can trade online, learn how to invest, and connect with other investors.

Other than that, investors can receive information that could affect their investment in real-time thus making informed decisions.

He urges those in their 20’s to invest in themselves by learning additional skills. These will increase your chances of earning a higher salary in future. This will make investing easier because they will have more disposable income.

Young adults should invest while young to gain the advantage of time, compounding, and knowledge of how the market works.

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