Chrome Users Promising Migration

As users continue to try to use Chrome v42, more of them are advising Google representatives in the product forum that they are so frustrated and fed up with the browser and Google’s un-promoted changes that they are ready to call it quits.

In the last week, more than two thousand users have checked out the forum post titled “Chrome support for NPAPI plugins no longer available” with 62 people as of Tuesday evening mentioning a multitude of technical issues that have resulted from Google’s transition away from plugins. Although many of the users agree that plugins pose a security risk, they feel Google is trying to push some unnecessary changes on to them.

Google’s solution — tell website developers to upgrade away from Unity, Flash, Java and other programs that require NPAPI plugins for Chrome — is not a viable option. Many websites, including game and business websites, use these tools. Additionally, Google’s own solution to Flash, PepperFlash, does not work for everyone.

At 6:03 p.m. on Tuesday, one user pointed out that Google’s change not only affects websites and products made by other companies but also Google’s own Gmail Voice Chat service which relies on the Flash NPAPI plugin for Chrome.

Many users such as Brian Torchin have now switched to Firefox and other browsers. Those at actually recommend it. Additional users have promised to do the same if Google ends the plugins in September.

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