Class Dojo: A New way to Educate Students

Teachers have to stay ahead of the game in their field. The reason why teachers must keep up with the latest techniques and procedures is to be effective. The field of education must constantly evolve to handle the challenges. Class Dojo is an application that helps educators to make an impact in the class and with the community.

Class Dojo was released in 2011 by Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don. These two men were former teachers. They knew how challenging and rewarding teaching can be. One of the hardest things for teachers to deal with has to do with parental involvement. While some schools within a community has a strong parental presence; many do not.

Many parents often feel like they do not have time for school. They completed their required 13 years of schooling. Now, they should not be expected to spend more time there. Even if they have a child (or children) in school; they typically do not want to continue to stay involved. As a result, many parents do not show up to meetings, school events and they do not even want to communicate with teachers about their student’s behavior.

Class Dojo reduces this problem by streamlining modern communication technology. Communication is at the heart of this app. This is why teachers can text, send videos and make calls directly to parents once both of them has this app downloaded on their devices.

Students love rewards. Class Dojo makes it easy to give students points when they earn them or when they deserve to be rewarded for something special. Teacher can use this point generator feature like a real life video games. Students can even compete against each other to see who can acquire the most points. If the thought of competition doesn’t sound appealing, then an educator can use this system as a means of extra credit.

The great features and benefits that Class Dojo provides allows teachers to use this platform in many different ways. The main thing for Dojo users to know is that this platform really works. The technology is extremely beneficial to the classroom environment and it makes an impact. Class Dojo doesn’t replace a teacher’s presence. However, it does help teachers by giving them a better way to educate their students.

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