Class DoJo Class Management and Communication Tools

One of the main challenges for teachers in the classroom is effectively addressing student behavior, study, and the role student perceptions play in achievement, or failure. The role of classroom tools and teacher reinforcement is crucial in helping students succeed. New studies and advanced classroom tools are helping teachers, students and parents embrace growth mindsets in the classroom and home study.

Class Mojo started as a behavioral management tool that allowed for positive reinforcement when students mastered skills or excelled in behavior. It included growth mindset videos that conveyed positive messaging, and helped students think about mastering subjects, perceptions or behaviors differently. The tool helped teachers address students who felt inadequate or struggled in certain subject areas, such as Math or English. The program continues to allow students to come to new understandings, such as expanding into new strategies for learning. It helps students understand how to help their brain to grow.

Class DoJo continues to provide classroom teaching tools, but has also expanded to create a communication tool platform for parents and teachers. The platform allows teachers and parents to communicate instantly through instant texting. Parents also get a glimpse into the classroom on a daily basis, and no longer wait for progress reports at teacher/parent conferences. Teachers also communicate and update parents through classroom videos and photos on a daily basis.

In addition to the communication platform for teachers Class Dojo also has its own app for teachers, parents and students, which reinforces positive learning. The app enhances communication and offers parents a more hands on approach to tracking student work, grades, participation, successes and struggles in the classroom. The app also allows parents the opportunity to support student learning and development at home. Parents are able to access a daily schedule of activities, posted by teachers, and review their child’s work. The app also highlights individual student participation in the classroom, and highlights positive achievements, and latest work. The app creates not only an educational forum, but a community between teachers, parents and students.

Class DoJo is currently used by half of all USA schools, and includes traditional and charter schools. It is also used by classrooms in 180 other countries, and is offered in 35 languages. The creators plan to expand the app to include pay features, which would offer parents the convenience of paying for field trips, school supplies, or lunches directly through the app.


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