Contemporary Art At It’s Best

Issues circulating around AIDS awareness, feminism, multiculturalism, and globalization create well written articles in magazines and well spoken new reports. But another way issues such as these are brought to the world’s forefront is through contemporary art. Many artist use issues such as these to creative vivid imagination of how these issues can be solved. They use high streams of colors and bold textures that will create an atmosphere of finding a solution. With contemporary art plastics and paints are used to simulate the motive of each art piece.

One artist that has executed contemporary art to its best includes Adam Sender. He is the art collector founder of Exis Capital Management. Over two decades, he has creative a large volume of contemporary art by captivating his audience with his diverse collection. Among his stylistic artwork, his work includes the controversial 1981 photograph of Cindy Sherman called Black sheets. Describing Black Sheets as a time dazed creation involving the women pulling the sheets tightly over herself where it looks as if she is ashamed of may have just happened to her in the scene. Within that photograph, his work encompassed her beauty and mystery with a pose that was so simple.

His great works has been collected by many museums that showcase his great artwork. Before beginning his career with Exis, he was among the cutting edge generation of hedge fund managers to collect contemporary art. His work also includes collecting over 800 pieces since 1998, having a taste for challenging pieces, and having an inclination for certain artists. Over the years, he has sold and brought, including his auctions that has produced prices far above imagination. While enjoying life in his 8.1 million dollar penthouse, his works and many collections continuously speak for themselves. Collecting and creating strange, but yet beautiful masterpieces has been a great accomplishment of Adam Sender.

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