Cotemar Mexico Diversifies its Portfolio to Offers Unparalleled Offshore Services

Cotemar Mexico is a leading Mexican conglomerate with extensive interests and services in petroleum, offshore construction as well as maritime services. Cotemar Mexico offers specialized services including maintenance in ships. For more than 35 years, Cotemar Mexico has provided high-quality services for clients.

Following the services rendered to various clients, Cotemar Mexico has gained a relatively huge client base. The company continues to gain massive client base and positive public recognition because it has a great impact on companies that need offshore services. Not only does Cotemar Mexico serve private but also public companies.


Cotemar Mexico is a prominent service deliverer in construction and marine industries. In engineering and construction, Cotemar Mexico specializes in the modernization of construction through the establishment of innovative processing centers in addition to modern platforms for clients. Read more: Cotemar | LinkedIn

Cotemar offers offshore installations more than the installation of not only marine but also gear service lines. The firm provides marine support services via specialized vessels. The management also ensures that there is the provision of personnel carriers, towing vessels, fireboats in addition to barges.

All the vessels used at Cotemar Mexico go for a routine checkup to ensure safety during service provision. Through these safety standards and regular checkups coupled with servicing, Cotemar provides high notch services for clients. In return, safety operating systems guarantee enjoyable services.

Vision, Mission

Cotemar Mexico prides itself on being a high ranking provider of offshore marine services. These services are based on the efficient and effective processes that the company has implemented through the committed staff.

The management is also equipped with high technology that makes it easy to provide these services. Cotemar Mexico is a sustainable firm that highly participates in various new businesses in the oil industry.

Through innovation and technology, Cotemar has been leading in providing these services. The communication channels have allowed Cotemar to progressively participate in the production of services that satisfy a client’s needs.


Cotemar Mexico is consistent, ethical as well as honest in its dealings. This is a clear reflection of the company’s image and its inherent values. The company sees clients’ mandates as the obligation of the management.

Following these values and obligations, Cotemar deals with every client’s case differently. For Cotemar Mexico, simplicity is a key element for operations.

The company has won the hearts of many clients following its ability to register improvement. Although there may be challenges in the management, there is an unparalleled commitment when serving customers.

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