Dark matter becomes a little less dark and mysterious

A discovery made by a team of researchers at the UK’s Durham university is challenging the entire understanding of physics as they have seen the first evidence of dark matter interacting with itself, the BBC reports. In the past dark matter has never been seen interacting in any way with any force other than gravity, which has seen the particles that make up 87 percent of the universe remain elusive and mysterious. The dark matter studies of the past have proved the material interacts with gravity and holds the solar systems and galaxies of space in place as they spin.

Crystal Hunt and the team looked at a cluster of galaxies as they collided 1.4 billion light years from Earth known as Abell 3827. Dark matter cannot be seen with the naked eye, but can be viewed using a mapping technique that shows light bending as it interacts with dark matter. The bending of light passing through Abell 3827 has shown an area of lagging particles proving dark matter is interacting with itself as the galaxies collide. This new evidence of dark matter moving around the galaxy sees the prevailing theories of science challenged and a new form of exotic physics required to explain how the material is moving and interacting in space and around us.

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