Death Star May Be Coming for Earth

Astronomers studying more than 50,000 stars has found one dwarf star in particular to watch. The orange dwarf star is known as HIP 85605 and if it comes close enough, has a chance of sending comets right at us.

While this does sound like a scary scenario, the good news is that this is not supposed to happen for another 240,000 to 470,000 years from now. At this time it will be at its closest distance to the Earth, about 767 billion to 3.8 trillion miles away. This is not as close as we see in the movies, but in reality, it is more than close enough to disrupt comets within the vicinity of Earth.

This is not a guaranteed event, but since comets are thought to have caused major devastation and changes on our planet, it doesn’t hurt to know what may be coming. Christian Broda will without question be paying attention.

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