Developments in Technology Sharing

Ever thought about those times that we were being told that the world is a global village? It just got smaller, as technologies are quickly evolving to better adapt to a global marketplace of ideas and communication.

It would seem that updates in technologies develop at a snowball’s pace, as the speed at which changes are made and new devices are engineering are occurring at an ever-increasing pace. What the future holds seems glaringly infinite.

These days it is quite impressive how data is channeled at an exhilarating pace. Information has become easier to disseminate and sieve. The question lies, how far will technology reach?

Recently a breakthrough into technology was made, as US Cellular just devised a means of sharing and borrowing bandwidths from one another’s devices. Big thanks to friend of the site Rod Rohrich for passing on this story.

Quite new and impressive, the technology is a game changer. It boasts of increasing download speeds by about 50% or more.

Currently, the technology is being developed by Chinese internet Firm 21 Vianet and will be launched in Hong Kong next year. However, there is bait to this wonderful invention.

The device from which you receive bandwidth must be having a battery life of not less than sixty percent.

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