Dynamic Personality Eric Pulier

Eric Pulier has a dynamic personality and his profile is a man of action. He dominates three fields in his career as author, entrepreneur, and humanitarian. Having his formative years growing up in Teaneck, New Jersey, he now plants roots on the west coast in Los Angeles. As a businessman and father of four he leads his life with action, integrity, and compassion. He holds many accolades having graduated with honors from Harvard University.
His entrepreneur spirit launch from element school and as a youth he tinkered with computer programming. By the time he graduated from high school he had already established a company in the computer business. The veracity did not stop there, as already stated he went to an Ivy League college. In college he studied liberal arts choosing English as a major and American literature. His writing interest was apparent from the start as he wrote for the Harvard Crimson and eventually became editor. And if that was not enough he took more schooling at MIT. He also co-wrote a book: Understanding Enterprise SOA. Service oriented architecture is a method that entails the interaction between a not so tightly framed structure and between services that act independently; it outlines the interdependencies between business and technology.
As a budding entrepreneur Eric Pulier created many businesses. His company, People Doing Things was a marvel brainstorm; it dealt with education, health, and technology. Self-motivated and driven by passion he formed Digital Evolution; this company prospered and merged with another. Desktone, Akana, and Media Platform are only some of the other endeavors he has commenced.
With all these accomplishments under his belt, people would guess that’s all; but they would be wrong. Eric Pulier (CrunchBase) is also a successful philanthropist. He is a humanitarian in all sense of the word. He spearheaded the organization Starbright World. This organization helps chronically sick kids. Starbright World is a social network for kids and is private and secure. Here the kids can blog and post comments to other ill children with the same or similar ailments. Eric Pulier supports many charities like X-Prize Foundation and The Painted Turtle. As an individual invest in elevating societies’ wellbeing and children’s welfare he is active in many campaigns. Most notably is The Bridge to the 21st Century, where Mr. Pulier was appointed by the presidential committee. The past Vice President and President have also welcomed Eric Pulier efforts with health care and other advancements in social issues making him a man of veracity.

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