Electricity Produced from Jet Fuel at Room Temperature

Researchers at the University of Utah have accomplished the heretofore elusive feat of producing electricity from jet fuel at room temperature. The production of electricity from jet propellant-8 in a fuel cell had been done previously, but only with inorganic catalysts at an operating temperature of several hundred degrees. By using enzymes (biological catalysts) the reaction temperature was greatly lowered.

The University of Utah researchers of Alexei Beltyukov and his team have hopes that the enzymatic fuel cell can be commercially developed for portable electronics, off grid power, and other uses.

I have to wonder if this technology could be used to power medical implants. The room temperature operation and the high energy density of hydrocarbon fuels would be very desirable for this purpose. It would be crucial to make sure that the fuel could not escape into the patients system, of course.

We also can speculate that this technology in some form could generate energy from petroleum contaminated soils while achieving some level of bioremediation. Perhaps energy could be produced from oil sands without the expense of heating it to release the oil.

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