End Citizen’s United devotion to overturn a Supreme Court decision

The 2010 Supreme Court decision would change the nature of politics in F.E.C and Citizens United. They were concerned with the idea that allowed special interested groups and wealthy individuals to spend their money on the United States elections. In reality, the polls in the United States could be bought because the funds could not be traced or limited to any amount.

In 1st March of 2015, End Citizens United was created to fight against the idea that “corporations are individuals,” and to end the massive funding to political groups by people or corporations with ulterior motives that desire the outcome of the election to go in a particular way.

On the hand, the End Citizens receives its funding from grass root donations rather than by big money. It is a group that is devoted to not only see pro-reform candidates elected but also it attempts to stop Citizen’s United, with the issue of using money in politics at the limelight.

At the time when End Citizens was launched, the group managed to raise over $2 million from donors to support them. Besides, they are on record for raking $25 million to $30 million during the whole cycle as stated by Richard Carbo, the communication director.
With an ultimate goal to reverse the Supreme Court’s decision, the group has signed over 325,000 people to End Citizen’s United’s petition which demands the Congress to pass the legislation. The figure is expected to rise with the group’s partnership with “Ready for Hillary.” Besides, it will rent out some email lists to reach to the likely liberal supporters. For more info about us: https://ballotpedia.org/End_Citizens_United_PAC click here.

End Citizens United publicized their endorsement of 11 candidates that comprised of Sen. Michael Bennet of Colorado as well as Sen. Russ Feingold of Wisconsin.

As noted by Carbo, the existence of other PACs which focused on campaign finance reforms was not closely related to his group since “there is a vacuum in the talks that addressed the political side and getting individuals elected” who are willing to make changes in the existing election laws. It meant that backing candidates who favor campaign finance reform and assist in the fight against Citizens United are a significant and unique boost for the group.

Among the group’s plans is setting up an independent expenditure arm that would back the candidates with financial support through various initiatives such as polling, television ads, and direct mailers. With this kind of infrastructure in place, it will facilitate more candidates who subscribe to their action to get elected.

End Citizens United continues to make the public aware of the Supreme Court’s ruling while maintaining pressure on political players and Supreme Court not to make things worse than they are at the moment. Besides, the group is doing what it can to support candidates that champion for finance reforms.

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