Entrepreneurship with Jason Hope

Jason Hope is named as an inventor, futurist, philanthropist, and entrepreneur. Currently, Jason resides in Scottsdale in Arizona. Jason is characterized by a strong passion for technology as well as giving back to his community. He was born in Arizona and raised up in Tempe. Jason graduated magna cum laude with a finance degree from Arizona State University. At ASU’s W.P. Cary School of Business, Jason received his MBA.

Both in Arizona and nationally, Jason has shown a keen interest in politics. Jason has earned a great reputation, from his published articles, as a skilled futurist. According to Jason Hope, he is highly compelled to contribute positively to the welfare of the people, and he believes that his assets have placed him in a strategic position to do so. He actively gives back to the community thru local organizations. The goal of Jason is to see a thriving local community in Arizona.

Jason Hope, in his generous nature, provides hope to humanitarian and charitable organizations whose work is to add to the welfare of the community. He is particularly aligned to those groups that battle aging effects to help people live long and healthy lives. Jason Hope profoundly believes that technology is significantly the future. Jason’s career in technology is focused on many diverse platforms in research and development. He targets to ameliorate human welfare and make human life easier by developing mobile apps, desktop software, gaming software as well as gadgets, which embrace technology’s power and connectivity.

Now and then, Jason Hope is always coming up with innovative inventions relating to new methods of utilizing technology to the benefit of the human race. As a futurist, Jason Hope puts his goal in writing, that working with businesses and individuals will guide them in the correct direction as they develop and invent cutting-edge technical and technological advancements.

Jason is an avid supporter of the next generation’s entrepreneurs as they join the world of technology. Jason Hope understands that a majority of young entrepreneurs have great ideas, but they lack the necessary resources and insights to execute their ideas to full blown projects. Concerning this, Jason Hope profoundly awards grants to both high school students and college seniors to help them in kick starting their ideas as they await their breakthrough in the volatile industry.

Jason Hope is always on the lookout for organizations and projects, which can further support leveraging his influence, time and resources. When it comes to a successful venture, Jason believes that a great idea is the starting point and that young entrepreneurs need not only mentorship, but also requires insights and, support through resources and industrial links.

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