Eric Pulier’s CSC Wins Contract for FAA Cloud Services

In its role as a global technological leader, Computer Sciences Corporation is ramping up its work in the private sector with diversified solutions in information technologies. CSC was founded at Falls Church Virginia in 1957, and is well-known for its pubic sector work with NASA since 1961. Now CSC is partnering with private financial institutions to improve employment opportunities for the disabled. CSC has over es over 72,000 employees throughout the world in 70 counries, and an annual revenue of over $13 billion dollars. CSC manages IT services for the Department of Justice, Homeland Security and the CIA. It is the only major vendor of hardware independent services left in the United States, and it ranks as eighth largest provider of software in the world.

In August, CSC won a $100 million dollar contract for cloud services with the Federal Aviation Administration. Under the terms of the new contract, CSC will consolidate and migrate FAA data and data centers to a hybrid cloud platform. CSC will introduce its Agility Platform, a cloud management tool, to streamline and increase efficiency. CSC will build on its experience with partners to structure programs and enhance security. The new processes customized for the FAA will reduce over all costs of IT operations and management. According to a CSC spokeswoman, the government is rapidly changing over to cloud technology, and with the CSC security programs such as AWS and SRG, CSC will fast-track the cloud advantages of savings and flexibility to the FAA.

CSA’s leadership in cloud technology is the result of vice-president and general manager Eric Pulier’s leadership during the initial transition to cloud environments. His program IT-as-a-Service raised productivity, lowered costs and for both public and private organizations by making use of internal and external providers. Mr. Pulier is an American author and entrepreneur, and a graduate of Harvard University and MIT. His book “Understanding Enterprise SOA” is key in laying the ground work to service-oriented architecture. Mr. Pulier is the founder of Desktone and Media Platform and other IT endeavors. He is also known for his work with the camp for chronically ill children the Painted Turtle Foundation.

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