Eric Pulier’s Secret to Get Investors

A tech startup has many different layers to it. There are a variety of things that must be put into place before a startup can be successfully launched. This is why people need to do some research before trying to get involved in a startup project. One of the most difficult aspects of launching a startup is to get people to believe in your idea enough to invest money into it. Eric Pulier found this out the hard way when he was fresh out of college. He had just graduated from Harvard with a degree in English literature. He had learned about the startup business from some of his fellow students. He wanted to launch his own startup. However, he quickly found this was much easier said than done.


A startup is not going anywhere without the proper financial backing. This means you need to find investors. Only a fool finances a startup with his own money. You need to get other people to give you money. This is a very hard thing to do even when the economy is good. Eric Pulier got quite a few rejections when he was just starting out and nobody knew who he was. However, he kept notes about all of his meetings with investors. He used this as a tool that would allow him to determine what went wrong so he could correct it in the future.


Eric Pulier discovered that investors like enthusiasm during a pitch meeting. They will not be excited about your startup unless you are excited about it. He also found that investors responded to demonstrations of what the startup would do. They liked to see projections about potential profitability for the next several years. This would allow them to weigh the overall risk to their investment. Having a professional presentation is important. Graphics and charts are also helpful tools that can illustrate that the startup is not something you through together overnight. Eric realized that more professional presentations got more investors to agree to commit money to the project. This was true regardless of the startup’s concept. Investors value professionalism over almost everything else.




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