Evolving AI Visual Search From Slyce

I’m thrilled about the new way I’ve been doing online shopping. I’m really excited about online shopping, so I’m always wasting a lot of time doing searches on search engines to find what I want to purchase online. I’m not going to be wasting time anymore. I now have this new technology at my fingertips called visual search technology. It’s a great leap in technological development that I am proud to share my experience of using. This technology is available on all smart phones and devices. It’s easy to use, and I found a great article that anyone new to this technology should read.

The article that I found is from MIT Technology Review’s website, so you know it is a credible source of information. I like how the article goes over different perspectives of what the top companies are doing with this new technology to bring consumers closer to their end goal of finding their product with ease. It really is a lot easier to use visual search technology. I prefer it over fumbling with my smart phone’s keypad to type in something that may or may not bring back my desired search results. Google and Pinterest are among some of the larger companies that are experimenting with visual search technology.

Visual Search Technology From The Pros

When you want a good product you go to a specialist, someone who specializes in the field you are interested in purchasing from. I found this application for visual search technology that is offered by Slyce. Slyce was originally a company that dealt only in visual search technology. They coupled their visual search knowledge and systems with online shopping to create Slyce. Slyce is the most advanced and user friendly software for finding products through visual search.

It amazes me what Slyce is capable of doing with one simple picture on my phone. The software does a great job at matching the item that you take a picture of with the best products offered by retailers. They have been working closely with major retailers, like Home Depot and Tilly’s, to offer discounts to users based on what the store has to offer. They are providing so much value to their users. It’s unbelievable what a great service they offer to consumers.

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