Fascinating Facts About Eric Pulier You Need to Know

Eric Pulier is a leading entrepreneur, who has ventured mainly in technology. He is a great mentor and manager as he has overseen various ventures that have matured into great companies. He is among the most respected co-founders and has been crowned for offering actionable solutions to problems that affect the industry. Eric Pulier is also a leading author on business matters and his insight has proved invaluable to many young investors who are searching for invaluable information that can guide them to start off in the world of business. He is generous and his actions have revolutionized the world of business technology to a great extent.

Eric Pulier grew up in Teaneck in New Jersey, where he began pursuing his passion for programming while still in fourth grade. He began his first venture when he launched a computer database firm while still in high school, something that placed him ahead of his peers. In 1984, he joined the Harvard University, where he pursued English and American Literature. This allowed him to secure a chance to write for the Harvard Crimson. His life has been characterized with great enthusiasm for literature and energy to invest.

He relocated to Los Angeles, where he founded the People Doing Things, a healthcare related firm that addressed issues using technology. His zeal for investments moved on and he founded Starbright World, a social network for children suffering from chronic diseases, where they can connect through conversations and other content sharing options like blogs. His great skills and creativity was noted by the presidential Inaugural Committee in 1997, which recommended him for a position to create and implement the Presidential Technology Exhibition, which was held in Washington. Through this opportunity, he got a chance to interact with health professionals, where he offered suggestions and ideas that would lead to the development of complex equipment that can help ease operations within the health sector.

Pulier has participated in the planning and foundation of many firms that have brought change in the way humans execute different tasks. He is among creative professionals who have pledged to take the development of new technology to the next level. He has invested most of his time in coming up with new creations that can help to make life easier. Apart from founding and running different ventures, Pulier is also a renowned author and has addressed many issues ranging from the health sector to tech reviews and books about investment.

He has helped many new investors to understand the complex aspects of the market and to maneuver thorough the competitive environment. He has also joined various philanthropic organizations and his great heart and considerate resolve cannot be overlooked when analyzing things he has achieved.

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