Fashion and Technology, Tending Toward One Name

While some people refer to modern technology as being fashionable, another group sees contemporary fashion as simply technologically induced. The point is simple; the two industries are becoming inseparable by the day. This awareness is on the increase, thanks to some influential individuals that have come out to share their views on the topic. Chris Burch falls into this category.


Here is a man worth listening to by all standards. He is an entrepreneur with a difference. He started making millions of dollars in the fashion industry far back in his college days. At the moment, he presides over Burch Creative Capital, a company with an impressive brand of portfolio.


In unmistakable terms, Burch explained the ever upward trends in the interwoven relationship between technology and fashion. According to him, the 70s was simply the boom box era. Many music lovers could not resist the boom box attraction as it afforded them the opportunity to easily carry their lovely tunes and stations wherever they wanted. By the 90s, there was already an improvement on the boom box. The Walkman was now the toast in town; it was more fashionable and provided a personal music experience unimaginable before then. Another improvement on the Walkman came with the turn of the century. It was called the iPod era. No one can tell when these upward trends will stop.


The fashion industry obviously remains glue to technology. Without technology, the industry will be deprived of innovation and functionality in no small measure. Anouk Wipprecht captured the situation when she said, “[technology is] like a playground, a place of experiment, and as you dive deeper and deeper into the technology and systems, it rewards you with endless possibilities.”


Fashion has not failed to reciprocate either. It has provided technology a platform to showcase its product and win patronage. Fashion Shows are helping out in this regard. Many new technological products get needed awareness and patronage via these mediums.


Sometimes, both fashion and technology come together to achieve great things. The case of energy creation readily comes to mind. We now have cloths that capture kinetic energy needed in powering appliances like watch and mp3. Any time from now, a prototype shoe with the capability of charging cell phones when used in walking or running will come on board.


From the above, it is obvious that the continued blending of fashion and technology will one day leave us with no option but to call both by one name.

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