Finance Executive James Dondero

James Dondero is one of the best known financial executives in the United States. He is the co founder and President of the investment firm known as Highland Capital Management. For nearly three decades, Dondero has established Highland Capital as one of the very best firms in the industry. Along with being in charge of one of the top investment firms in the world, James has spent a number of years working in the financial sector as a credit analyst. This allowed him to develop the experience necessary to be a successful entrepreneur in the industry. In his spare time, James actively engages in philanthropic activities. These have been done in an effort to make the Dallas community a more positive place to live.

Before James began his career in finance, he looked to complete his education. He attended the University of Virginia and studied both accounting and finance. After attending for four years, James completed degrees in these subjects and graduated with high honors. Once he finished his degree programs, he would then look to start his career in the field of finance. His first position was as credit analyst for an investment firm.

When James Dondero first started his career as a credit analyst, he would oversee a number of assets that were backed by credit based securities. He would go over each asset and determine if they were profiting the investment firm and its clients. James would also make decisions in terms of whether or not a security would be worth investing in. After several years working as an analyst, James would move on to become a chief investment officer. At this position, he managed assets for major companies such as American Express.

By the year 1990, James co founded his own firm known as Highland Capital Management. The firm initially offered life insurance products to consumers. However, James decided that it would be better to offer more products and services in order to meet new demands. He would introduce products such as private equity securities and hedge funds. Dondero also introduced more services which included asset and wealth management and financial advising. These services helped make his firm into one of the most trusted in the industry.

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