Fly Into The Fagali’I Airport To Discover Apia on Upolu Island

There are many destinations around the world to explore, but one most majestic is Apia on the Upolu Island in Samoa. Although this island is really small, where you could explore all the natural attractions by foot, it has so many luxury activities. The Fagali Airport and the Faleoleo Airport (located 21 miles to the west on the island) are gateways to the island.

Fagali Airport was founded in 1959. Initially, it was the site of the Polynesian Airlines for the island serving different islands in the South Pacific. But the Samoan government still has oversight of the airport along with Polynesia Airlines.

The Fagali Airport has only a single strip, providing enough room for the twin engines to take off, and small enough that passengers can walk on the tarmac to board the aircraft. Samoa Airways, which was acquired by Polynesian Airlines, has two Twin Otter DHC-6-300 aircrafts. They are very safe to fly. Talofa Airways have two DHC-8-100 de Havilland Canada aircrafts with the same specs.

The flight time to Pago Pago, which is located in American Samoa, is about 35 minutes. The flight to Tongatapu, which is located in Tonga, is about one hour and fifty minutes. Many passengers report how fun it is riding on these aircrafts.

Many tourists come to Upolu to engage with the natural activities throughout the island. They can enjoy hiking the jungle wilderness, snorkeling and scuba diving in the beautiful crystal clear ocean, lying back and relaxing on the majestic beaches, visiting the churches and museums for a history lesson, getting pampered by the spas to relieve stress, and visiting the local market to buy some native items. This place is definitely a traveler’s paradise. There is also a Western Union and currency exchange near the airport.

There is no need to worry about booking a ticket to get here. It might be challenging access tickets online. Samoa Airways has service from Asia, Europe, and the United States to Fagali. However, Talofa Airways only has service from the surrounding Pacific islands. You would need to facilitate the transfer yourself after purchasing your tickets separately upon arriving to Tongatapu, Pago Pago, or Faleolo.

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