Former Hedge Fund Manager Now A Serious Art Collector

Collector Adam Sender is planning on selling off a number of pieces in his extensive art collection. The former hedge fund manager has amassed over 400 works from 139 artist. After a stint at Steven A. Cohen Capital Advisers, Sender started his own firm, Exis Capital Management Inc. It was there when he started collecting art by Richard Prince, Cindy Sherman and Dan Flavin.

Sender’s works will be sold over an 18-month period beginning this May. According to some experts, he could net anywhere between $70-$80 million for all pieces. “I could never have envisioned the passion I would have for collecting art,” says Sender. Over the years, he has collected a number of controversial works such as Cindy Sherman’s “Untitled 91,” which was purchased in 1998 for $2 million.

Sender continued to buy many masterpieces over the years. He states that some of the best works by Andy Warhol were well out of his price range. He preferred to stick with works in the $150,000 to $200,000 range. He is also partial to more seasoned artists as opposed to ones fresh out of art school.

Three years ago, Sender put on a contemporary art exhibition at his North Miami home. “Home Alone” was a dig at the house, which Sender changed his mine about and moved out of within days of purchasing it. The 5,000 square foot home is the ideal place to put on the exhibition because of the massive amount of space.

Sender will still have a significant number of pieces left even after the sale. He still plans to loan certain works to Southey’s and other prestigious museums. Sender says he will continue to collect for the time being. The recent closing of his company has freed him up a lot of time to look around.

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