FreedomPop and the Traveling SIM

For anyone who travels a good deal, most people are going to share the same problem of having a phone that doesn’t charge them an arm and a leg while making calls, checking their email or texting friends and family members. Although there are some service plans out there that offer connection to networks in Canada and Mexico. However, for the majority of networks or for more international traveling and not just staying inside of a continent, making a phone call or connecting to a data network can quickly increase the mobile phone bill by hundreds of dollars, if not more. Because of this, it is important to find a service provider who is able to offer a traveling SIM. Freedom Pop is currently working on such a SIM that is not going to charge any sort of roaming fee for individuals traveling within several dozen nations. This way, the customers can save a significant amount of money, all while traveling around the world.

FreedomPop is still working on the traveling SIM card. However, it is pushing in that direction and should have it up and available within the next year. For starters, the company is pushing into the UK out of the United States and offering free services to those interested in it. Beyond this, the company also provides free long distance to over 60 countries with the SIM card. This is the first step in the process, and with the UK being so close to the rest of Europe, it is going to be able to provide the traveling SIM card easily to the rest of Europe.

FreedomPop is currently working with different mobile service providers around the world to allow the traveling SIM card to work on the individual networks. It is not the different countries that charge the extra fees but the individual companies that are in the different countries. By working out agreements, the SIM card can be accepted without the overages being charged to the customer. So, it all just comes down to what companies are willing to work with FreedomPop. As the company grows and has more assets to work with, it shouldn’t be any sort of a problem at all. So, the next time someone decides to go on an international trip (within the next year), they might be able to use the FreedomPop traveling SIM card to be able to save money.

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