From Leadership Development to Business Transformation, Check out Why Small Businesses are Calling On Glen Wakeman

Whether your company is in the beginning stages of startup or has a few miles underneath its tires, it is always important, intrinsically vital, to hire someone who knows the ABC’s of what it takes to run a strong, accomplished business. Glen Wakeman has been helping businesses, small and large, successfully, for the last thirty years. After taking a small hiatus the buzz is that he is back on the scene and businesses are all clamoring to snatch him up.

Glen will be the first to say that the best way to stay ahead is to be ahead of the curve when it comes to every detail of business, from leadership development to strategy to business transformation. Glen suggests starting immediately. “Don’t wait. With every business I ran, from the moment I put the coffee and paper down I was checking out the market, researching the internet and was just aware of what was happening on a consistent basis.”

After Glen finished his studies in Chicago he had a voracious appetite for all things business. He knew even after college if he wanted to be a top competitor in his field he would need to travel to see how other countries were getting it done. Glen has lived in six different countries and worked in over 30 countries while working for GE Capital. “He brings a serious amount of education and knowledge to the table. His expertise on capital markets and growth is unprecedented.”

When asked about his recent entrepreneurial endeavors Glen mentioned his baby, Launchpad Holdings. His primary focus with Launchpad Holdings, is to create plans from ideas ( Glen has a heart for small, start-up companies who are in need of help but most often than not, not always aware of the help they should be focused on. This is where Glen comes in. He often has to explain that plans and ideas are not always the same. He and his team can create a structured, focused, easy to follow plan that allows for a company to hit the ground running and expeditiously go after that much needed capital.


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